Angels Trade Deadline Preview: Breakdowns of Every Possible Trade

By Andrew Petrucci
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Martin Prado

Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Why it will happen: Once again, the Marlins aren’t good and probably will be selling at the deadline. Martin Prado is a name that has been surfacing with links to the Angels recently. He could potentially play any infield position and any of the corner outfield spots, ultimately providing the club with versatility. His bat would also be a big plus for the lineup as either a table setter, or in the middle of the order. Bottom line, it won’t cost a ton to get him, maybe just paying the $8 million he is owed this year. Would be a great move for the Angels.

Why it won’t happen: If the Angels aren’t willing to eat his price tag, Prado will probably find himself on another contenders roster.

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