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Angels LF Solution: Who will be the last man standing?


Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hate it or love it, the Angels are at least aware of the problems with LF this year. Yesterday the Halos added veteran outfielder Shane Victorino. Today, they add two more players to the mix. In a deal with the Cleveland Indians the Angels picked up David Murphy & David Dejesus for a couple of minor league prospects.

While we all probably want to see a high profile pickup like Yoenis Cespedes or Jay Bruce, it looks like that thought is dwindling. But realistically looking at these moves you can say the Angels got better. Now the real question will be in determining who is the starter in LF.

Here are some ways to figure it out:

– Steel Cage Match

This would be a win-win situation for the Angels franchise. For whatever reason, ticket sales have been very low this season and that money lost could be gained by an event like this. Kill two birds with one stone. Matt Joyce, David Dejesus, Shane Victorino, David Murphy, and Daniel Roberston all in one WWE style cage match in front of a sold out stadium. Winner gets sole possession of LF. Prediction: Joyce is the first one to tap out.

– Lockerroom Boxing

Every team in any sport at any level has been involved with some form of lockerroom boxing. This would not only boost clubhouse morale, but help find who the toughest SOB out of the motley crew in LF is.

– Wade Boggs Challenge

The legend of Wade Boggs and his drinking habits on road trips have been well documented. Rumor has it that Boggs once drank 107 beers in one day, and Boggs himself still recounts that claim. Lofty numbers on & off the field for the Hall of Famer. This would be a true test to see whose a gamer and has the nuts to compete in just about anything. Unfortunately this challenge may fit Joyce too well, this season has given him enough reasons to hit the bottle.

– Metal Bat Home Run Derby 

I don’t like the idea of a regular derby between the LF crew because it would be too pitiful. But a metal bat competition? Now I’m interested.

Any other suggestions? Im sure the Angels are available to listen..