With the trade deadline approaching who are the top 10 targets for the Angels

By David Rice
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As the trade deadline approaches the Angels have two pressing needs: a left-handed outfielder with power, or a potential lead-off hitter.  With the recent injury to David Freese which put the third baseman on the disabled list probably until September, some people may think a 3rd baseman should be added to the list of pressing needs.  While acquiring a 3rd baseman wouldn’t hurt the Angels chances of a deep post-season run, Freese should be back for the September stretch run and a potential post-season trip where Freese has proven to be an asset.  The only way I see the Angels trading for a third baseman is if the player can also play the outfield or another position.  So that brings us back to the Angels looking for a left-handed hitting outfielder.  So far the Angels have made two moves to bolster their team acquiring third baseman Conor Gillaspie to help fill the void left by the Freese injury.  The Angels also acquired outfielder Shane Victorino from the Red Sox to potentially fill two needs: a lead-off hitter and left fielder, both of which have been glaring weaknesses this season for the club. So the question is do the Angels have any more moves up their sleeves? Here are some of the best players on the trading market that could bolster the Angels chances of not only making it to the post-season, but also making it to the World Series for the second time in club history.

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