10 reasons why your Angels are better than the Dodgers.

By Grant Avise
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9. We don’t have the history, but we have the present

Dodger fans will forever tell you that because they have six World Series titles that they are the better team. Don’t let them talk you into that kind of nonsense. They are a team established in 1883, so they should have more titles than a team who was started in 1961. In the last 30 years the Dodgers’ have just as many titles (1988) as the Angels’ (2002) do. One. Not to mention that between the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers they have lost more World Series than they have won (6 for 18). The Angels’ are perfect in World Series play. (1 for 1). In the last 30 years both teams have won six division titles.

World Series Trophy Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA

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