10 reasons why your Angels are better than the Dodgers.

By Grant Avise
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Mike Scioscia has been the most successful manager in club history.

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3. The Angels have Mike Scioscia, MLB’s longest tenured manager, and the Dodgers don’t.

Before some of you Scioscia naysayers start screaming, hear me out.  When Scioscia came to the Angels in 2000 the team was spinning its wheels having not made the playoffs in 14 years, most of which were sub .500 seasons.  Since took over the Angels have made the playoffs seven out of 14 seasons, making the ALCS three times, and winning the World Series once in 2002.  Overall, Scioscia’s record with the Angels is 1386 wins and 1145 losses with a .548 winning percentage.  During this same time period the Dodgers have had 5 different managers and have been in playoffs six times NLCS three times with no World Series appearances.

Scioscia has provided a stable clubhouse atmosphere, and he and his staff have developed an atmosphere where the players know what to expect.  He also works very hard to shield the players from a lot of the distractions that go on off the field.  Scioscia has guided the team through many tough situations such as Nick Adenhart’s untimely death, Garrett Richard’s devastating injury last season, and the list goes on.

More often than not the Angels have come through these situations with flying colors, as in 2009 they were within two games of the World Series.  Last season they increased their division lead by nine games after Richard’s injury and won the AL West going away.  The Dodgers on the other hand have crumbled multiple times when they have had player issues, turning what were promising seasons 2010-2012 into major disappointments.

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