Angels 5 Biggest Questions Going Forward

By Andrew Petrucci
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3. Can they overcome the Houston Astros?

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This is the biggest problem for the Angels going forward. Going into this latest series, the Angels were up a game in the AL West standings, now they are in second place trailing by 2 games. Houston has stuck around all year and been the surprise of the league. More troubling is the Angels inability to beat them, with Houston leading the season series 8-5 right now.

But the worst part is the new additions for the Astros. By adding Scott Kazmir the Astros get another number one type of starter next to Dallas Kuechel, and Carlos Gomez makes their lineup that much more dangerous. This division is likely going to be decided in the final week or so of the season, but the new additions plus the Angels inability to beat the Astros is worrisome going forward.

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