Top 10 Overpaid MLB Players

By Andrew Petrucci
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2015 Salary: $23,000,000

Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Stats: .269 AVG 7 HR 50 RBIs

Has any player consistently underperform and not hear any scrutiny like Mauer? No. Guess thats what its like to play in Minnesota. This guy was so overhyped from scouts, managers, players, and baseball writers that he inevitably could never live up to the bill. The Twins mistakenly decided to break their piggy bank and ink Mauer long term in hopes that he would be the guy that finally gets them past the Wildcard/ALDS Rounds. That hasn’t worked out. The return on investment has been a flatline:

2014- .277 AVG 4 HR 55 RBIs

2013- .324 AVG 11 HR 63 RBIs

2012- .318 AVG 10 HR 85 RBIs

2011- .287 AVG 3 HR 30 RBIs

His impact in the middle of the lineup is nowhere near the value of a $20 million a year price tag. Decent player, but ultimately the Twins overpaid the wrong guy.

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