Top 10 Overpaid MLB Players

By Andrew Petrucci
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2015 Salary: $20,000,000

Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

2015 Stats: .333 AVG 1 HR 4 RBI (Out Indefinitely)

For all of the young, cheap talent on the Mets roster, David Wright sneaks in and walks away with $20 million a year. His injury this season has been unfortunate and its still unclear what the future will hold, adding more weight to the investment. But lets realistically look at his body of work and try to find a way to justify a contract this high. Since 2010 he has hit .276, .249, .305, .306, & .269 while never producing 100 RBIs or hitting more than 23 HRs in this span.

Sure the Mets haven’t been good in recent years and Wright has been in some ways the lone bright spot. But at the end of the day he’s overvalued and overpaid.

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