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Best & Worst Los Angeles Angels Promotional Giveaways This Season

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Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Game ticket- $100

Beers/Soda/Food- $50

Receiving a promotional team Coozie for showing up- Priceless

The experience of being a fan is not truly justified until you step foot into the stadium. From the action on the field to the concession stand eats or just as an excuse to spend a day drinking, there are plenty of reasons to head to the ballpark. But for some, the biggest reason is promotional giveaways/events. Teams use these as marketing tools for advertisers, as well as making an effort to give back to the fan.

Sure, its a “free” gift from the organization (if you don’t count the tickets, food, drinks, parking, etc.) and that is a nice selling point. But there are good and there are bad promotional giveaways just like anything else in life. So here are the Best & Worst LA Angels team giveaways.

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