Reasons why the Dodgers envy the Angels and the Rally Monkey.

By David Rice
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The Angels have a deal with Amtrak to transport fans to and from games for a reasonable $7.00 Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

5.  Angel Express train Round trip from multiple destinations $7.00

The Angels started offer fans from neighboring cities such as Los Angeles, Ocenaside, Irvine, Fullerton, and Norwalk an alternative option to driving to Angel Stadium.  Five years ago the Angels teamed up with Amtrak to provide a $7.00 round trip ticket to and from Angel Stadium.  This is an inexpensive way to avoid traffic, save money for parking and gas.  Beside that it is a lot of fun.  I used the Angels Express 3 or 4 times from Union Station in Los Angeles and sat in different areas of the train chopping it up with Angels fans and opposing teams’ fans from all over.  The train drops you off at the new Artic Station a stone’s throw from Angels Stadium.  (it used to drop you off in the center field parking lot).  After the game you can catch the train back and it doesn’t leave until 30 minutes after the last out of the game.

Recently the Dodgers have now answered with a Dodgers shuttle from certain areas to Union Station in Los Angeles where you catch a bus into Dodger Stadium.  With the way traffic is around and in the stadium parking lot, this is also a worthwhile investment.  Again the Angels were ahead of their Northern neighbors with this opportunity.

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