Los Angeles Angels’ Johnny Giavotella looks to build on strong 2015 season

By Grant Avise
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Taylor Featherston

Grade: C

Featherston was a Rule 5 draft pick from the Rockies (Rule 5 is when a team drafts a player and that player does not make a major league appearance in his first four years. Teams are given the option to redraft those players, but they have to stay on the major league roster all season or they must be offered back to the original team. This is done to keep teams from stockpiling too many young players).

Featherston didn’t see much action this season, and when he did, he struggled at the plate. It was not until late in the season when Giavotella went down and Featherston got substantial playing time did he start to come around. So a case can be made that Featherston just needs to get consistent playing time to be a valuable major league player.

His glove was a bit shaky, committing three errors at second in 33 games. He also had some very unfortunate events happen to him late in the season, including getting the ball stuck in his glove in the ninth inning that could have been the last out of a game. Instead, the Angels would end up losing.

Featherston has the potential to be a very good baseball player and has the tools to become an everyday player or utility man with his ability to play third and shortstop. Featherston may or may not make the opening day roster next season, but if he doesn’t, he will be one of the first call-ups the team makes.

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