Los Angeles Angels miss out on key offseason additions

By Tameem Seraj
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Ben Zobrist

Ben Zobrist was another free agent target that Eppler was after. Zobrist is coveted by almost every team for his defensive versatility (he’s played every position besides pitcher or catcher), switch hitting and hard-working mentality. Basically, he is a coach’s dream.

The Angels were once again linked with Zobrist, but the Wrigley Field lure got to Zobrist too. Zobrist signed a four-year, $56 million contract Tuesday with the Cubs to join forces with Heyward to create a new powerhouse.

Although Zobrist would have been a key addition as an outfielder or infielder, his age is a bit of a concern. Zobrist is 34, and a four-year deal would take him all the way to 37. I have no doubt that a player like Zobrist can still play out his contract with the Cubs, but the Angels already have Albert Pujols signed until the age of 41 so it may not have been the worst thing to miss out on Zobrist.

Zobrist batted .276 last year to go with 13 homers and 56 RBIs with both the Oakland Athletics and Kansas City Royals. For his 10-year career, he owns a .265 batting average, 127 home runs and 567 RBIs. Zobrist was dealt at the trade deadline to the Royals, where he would go on to win the World Series.

That winning mentality is surely a trait that Eppler is looking for in players he is scouting. The know-how of winning a World Series is what the Angels missed out most on when Zobrist signed for the Cubs.

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