Angels in danger of losing prospect Jose Rojas in Rule 5 Draft.

General Manager Billy Eppler, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)
General Manager Billy Eppler, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) /
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Willful Failure (aka the Angels special)

The deep, yet subsequently shallow politics, are really what bothers fans the most about this snubbing; Jose Rojas has had to force himself through the “you can’t” and “this is too big for you” naysayers his entire career. A deep pick in the 2016 draft at the age of 23 is almost nothing more than an organization roster depth kind of guy, someone to have floating around the lower levels and whatever happens happens. There is no stronger baseball player than the one who is fighting against the world to get to the show, in fact there is no stronger human than the one who fights the world so they can be where they know deep down in their hearts they need to be, even if it is something that seems like reaching beyond the stars. There is nothing that fuels the person who reaches beyond the stars more than the questions of “why are you doing that” or “we don’t have confidence you can actually do that”.

Now we’re at a point where Jose Rojas is hearing the naysaying from his own organization. Given to how Rojas responds to doubters it’s just a matter of time until he grows to be an infinitely powerful, omni-potent being thanks to all the roadblocks are being placed in his path, or should we say all roadblocks the Angels refuse to help him move. Again, while I don’t like coming off as being comparatively critical of athletes, which is a fools errand, it does need to be noted that guys like 1st rounder Matt Thaiss has had every opportunity thrown his way and then some. Thaiss has had every roadblock removed from his path and gently encouraged forward every step of the way while Rojas was left to his own devices grow and overcome on the strength of his own accord and nothing else. This is where we get into the point of the entire article, because if Jose Rojas is left off of the 40 man roster come December it is clear that some lucky team will see Rojas for what he is and give him the world he deserves while the Angels try to sell it as if that’s what was best for the roster going into the future.

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It would be fitting for an AL West rival team like the A’s or Rangers to take Rojas from the Angels and turn him into a Vladimir Guerrero/Mike Napoli Jr. and see the Angels become the architects of their own doom. And to be honest with you, if they fail to protect Jose Rojas from the upcoming Rule 5 draft they will be nothing but deserving of whatever karma, or should we say incompetence, comes back to haunt them