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Baseball off days do weird things to people. All of a sudden you are productive at work, you do chores, you hold actual conversations with people about relevant issues. It’s, like, actually being a reasonable, responsible adult (shudders).

Bobby Abreu clears waivers – ESPN

Another thing off days do is cause you to read stories about players or teams that you normally keep a safe distance from. The Dodgers are one of those teams for me, but this headline just grabbed me. Mr. Abreu and his attitude rubbed many an Angels fan raw this spring, and since I am a firm believer in “What goes around, comes around,” I will let Nelson Muntz Say all that needs to be said.

Money Quote:

"Abreu decided to accept an assignment to the minors after the Dodgers were unable to find him a new team in a trade."

Yes, because who wants to trade for an aging, singles hitting, malcontent. I’m not bitter I promise.

Minor League Prospect Note: Nick Maronde, LHP, Los Angeles Angels – Minor League Ball

Nick Maronde is a prospect you probably don’t know about. It’s OK, most people don’t know about him. He’s a 23 year old who just got bumped up to AA. He’s not a lot older than his competition, but he’s definitely not a “young gun” in that league either. All told, showing great control and the ability to strike out a batter an inning, this kid does have the stuff to make himself quite comfortable in the middle of a big league rotation.

Money Quote:

"All told, between High-A, Double-A, and two rookie-level rehab starts, Maronde has a 2.03 ERA with a 78/18 K/BB in 80 innings this year, 55 hits and four homers allowed. He lost time earlier this year with a lat strain, but seems fine now."

That line right there, right above this line you’re reading, is not too shabby.

Los Angeles Angels Farm System, Post Zack Greinke Trade – SB Nation Dallas

What is it with Texas and raining on our parade? We get it, our farm system is very ho hum, is it really necessary to rub it in that three of the players on that list were traded for a pitcher who (besides having electric stuff) has been very meh since the trade.

Money Quote:

"Los Angeles’ best prospect is now Kaleb Cowart, who is a legitimate third base prospect. After that, though, it’s really ugly. Richards doesn’t look like anything special, Cron is 22 and can’t draw a walk in the Cal League, and everybody else is just sort of there."

Damnit, I hate it when they are right.

MLB Postseason schedule released

Time to reserve your tickets for the Fall Classic.

Money Quote:

"World SeriesGame 1: October 24Game 2: October 25Game 3: October 27Game 4: October 28Game 5: October 29Game 6: October 31Game 7: November 1"

The only dates that matter once the postseason starts. Will we be watching Angels baseball then? Maybe we should ask the bullpen?

Down on the Farm

THE BEES WIN AGAIN! Please don’t tell Mike Trout that I used one of his exclamation points.

Travelers Trip Hooks

Usually when you put up a six spot in one inning, your team has a very good chance of winning that game. Someone should give the big club a heads up on that little tidbit of information.

Cron Homers, 66ers Win 8-6

Kaleb Cowart, playing like a top prospect, check. C.J. Cron, showing off his power, check. We should expect this kind of stuff from these two. By the way, that was Cron’s 21st home run, and it plated him his 105th RBI for the season.

Kernels and Timber Rattlers postponed

No game, just rain. I wonder if Crash Davis had anything to do with this?

Newcomb Stellar Again; Owlz Win 11-3

Chevy Clarke went 2-4 including a three-run home run that really put this game out of reach. Well done Chevy, well done.