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You’ll have to excuse any vitriol that I might display today. There was this weird looking “L” next to Jered Weaver‘s name in the box score after the game yesterday. I’m not quite sure what it means exactly, but I can assure you, it didn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Stupid good catch

Mike Trout does amazing things, although it is probably more accurate to say that amazing things are only amazing because of Mike Trout. Here is, yet another, absolutely ridiculous catch made by the boy wonder. This man is not a Golden God, Mike Trout is a Golden God. P.S. Jerome Williams reaction at the end of this video is PRICELESS.

Angels could sweep awards with Trout, Weaver

This is crazy talk. It’s never been done, not ever. No team has ever swept the Rookie of the Year, MVP and Cy Young awards. And it’s not like the Angels have a “little bit” of a chance, or “maybe if certain things roll their way” kind of a chance. They have a 100% legitimate chance to run the table here.

Money Quote:

"A lot can change over the next seven-plus weeks, of course, but right now it seems the biggest competition for Trout and Weaver comes from the Tigers. Third baseman Miguel Cabrera came into Saturday batting .323 with 29 homers and an AL-leading 96 RBIs, while ace Justin Verlander came into his Saturday start 12-7 with a 2.51 ERA, 166 strikeouts and an AL-best six complete games."

Bring it on Tigers. Bring. It. On.

Carpenter optioned, Geltz called up

With Scott Downs on the DL, Jordan Walden finally on rehab assignment (His first appearance was not pretty), The Angels decided to send down struggling Chris Carpenter and give Steven Geltz a shot at the big time. Geltz was making a joke of AA when they moved him to AAA, where he has not fared quite as well. But considering that is the most hitter friendly park, in the most hitter friendly league, I’ll take those stats with a grain of salt.

Money Quote:

"This is Geltz’s first call-up after posting a 2.09 ERA, 0.95 WHIP and 4.0 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 51 2/3 innings for Double-A Arkansas and Triple-A Salt Lake this season."

THAT is the kind of line I want to see from a reliever. Not this.

For Trout, difference is in details

YAY! More Mike Trout! Honestly, does it ever get old reading about this kid. I’m sure if I keep this up though Mr. MJ Lloyd and his restraining order are going to think that I’m weaseling in on his turf. (It’ll be our little secret Prince Fish, our little secret).

Money Quote:

"“All the time,” Angels pitcher Dan Haren said. San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito, whom Haren has known from their days together with the Oakland A’s, texted after a recent game.“He wanted to know if he’s the best player in baseball,” Haren said. “I think it was after that game in Detroit when he hit the 450-foot opposite-field home run.“I wrote him back: ‘Yes.'”"

Dan Haren and his Wolverine chops at least got this right. Pitch selection lately, not so much.

Angels’ pitching woes are no big secret

Just in case it hasn’t been drilled into your head enough lately. Our pitching staff sans Weaver, has been awful. This is not the kind of staff that gets you to the playoffs, let alone WINS in the playoffs. This ship needs to get righted, like, last month.

Money Quote:

"In losses to Texas and Chicago to start the month, the Angels scored 10, nine and six runs. They scored eight runs in Wednesday’s loss to Oakland, and before they could even get to the bottom of the fourth inning Saturday, they were trailing by seven runs. Saturday’s loss came on the heels of Friday night, when the Angels came back from a 5-0 hole to win the game, 6-5."

When you score that many runs in a game, it should be a foregone conclusion that you are going to win. Period.

Trumbo remains in slump

There’s been a lot of talk about this lately in the twitterverse. Most of us are pretty convinced that Mark Trumbo simply needs a day off. Well, he got a day off, and it didn’t instantly fix him. I don’t know whether he thinks he has to carry this team, or if he is doing the same thing he did last year when played through the stress fracture in his foot, but someone needs to tell the big man that a big rest is quite possibly in order. Hiding pain is only commendable for so long, eventually you are just hurting the team.

Money Quote:

"The slump has dragged Trumbo’s batting average for the season from .311 down to .288. But Trumbo says he considers batting average of only secondary importance. His job is to drive the ball and drive in runs — he has done neither of those as well recently. He has just three extra-base hits (all home runs) and eight RBI in his past 21 games. His slugging percentage has gone from .634 and first in the American League on July 17 down to .568 (fifth)."

Wow, that there ladies and gentlemen is a near 70 point drop in slugging. Not. Good.

Down on the Farm

Jordan Walden to Rehab with Bees

Jordan Walden has been assigned to AAA Salt Lake as part of his rehab from a strained right bicep. Hey I’ve got a great idea. Let’s send our pitcher who has been having trouble all year spotting his slider and missing bats to a place where he can get rocked even if he pitches well. That will be good for his confidence right? Right? Hey, where’s everyone going?

C.J. Cron Crushing Cal League and 66ers Records

C.J. Cron currently has 110 RBI’s at Inland Empire in the California League. That’s a lot, whether you are into RBI’s or not. The current record was set by Chin Feng Chen at 123 in 1999. At this rate, It’s almost a mortal lock that Cron will pass those numbers. “By how much” seems to be the only real question left to ask.

Money Quote:

"“The mentality that he has is what separates minor leaguers from major leaguers,” said Sorrento. “When he has guys on base, he gets this keen sense and hunkers down at the plate to get his man home. With his patience, he waits for the pitcher to make a mistake and then takes advantage of it. He’s going to have a very bright future in his career if he keeps this up.”"

That’s great, it really is, but what’s his defense like?

Snyder Named Topps Player of the Month

Michael Snyder was named the July Topps player of the Month for the Pioneer League. Snyder was a 23rd round pick (you know, the kind you tend to not remember) this past June. He ranked second in slugging and third in home runs and OPS. That’s a pretty awesome month. Hopefully he can keep it up.

Money Quote:

"It was an exciting honor for Snyder because his brother, Matt, also received the Topps Player of the Month for his exceptional play in the New York-Penn League. Michael’s twin brother led the New York-Penn League last month in batting (.414) and OPS (1.094)."

OK, that’s pretty cool.