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So, yesterday was fun. The first news to break was about Melky Cabrera testing positive for performance enhancing drugs (shocked face). Then, only a few hours later, Felix Hernandez does the Melkman a favor and throws a perfect game. Jeff Mathis has a new two year extension in hand, and quite possibly the strangest ejection ever. I’m excited. Are you excited? Well you better start getting excited. Here we go.

Torii Hunter never underachieves in enthusiasm

I love Torii Hunter. Who doesn’t love Torii Hunter? Ok, maybe this kid doesn’t love Torii. Outside of Mike Trout, there might not be another player in baseball who shows so much joy being able to be on a baseball diamond everyday. His smile could quite possibly power Los Angeles for a year. I would bring Torii back next year (for a greatly reduced rate of course), if only for what his persona means to this team and it’s fans.

Money Quote:

"“I’m no cheerleader; I’m a player,” Hunter says by way of clarification. “My dad still plays basketball and still dunks and he’s 65. I have great genes; don’t look at my age [37], look at me. Study my game and see what I can still do."

I’m 28 and can’t dunk. This re-affirms for me that life is not fair.

Blue Jays Sign Jeff Mathis To Two Year Extension

Again, life is not fair. Jeff Mathis is still playing a lot like, well, Jeff Mathis. The only thing he is really doing better is throwing out would be base stealers (39%). Everything else however is in line with his career norms. It doesn’t make sense to me to sign a back up catcher to a two year contract with an option year when you already have two catchers getting paid the league minimum. Of course, Anthopolus did trick Tony Reagins into trading for Vernon Wells so it is possible that my bias is coming through a little thick here. That, and, I still get a twitch behind my left eye when I think about Jeff Mathis as an Angel.

Money Quote:

"So 2 more years of Mathis. Doesn’t hurt I guess, but I could see J.P. Arencibia and Travis d’Arnaud sharing the job next year. I guess that’s not to be. Mathis hasn’t looked terrible in the full time role since JP went on the DL. Still doesn’t hit much."

Still doesn’t hit much? Yeah, we know.

Derek Dye, Daytona Cubs Baseball Intern, Plays ‘Three Blind Mice,’ Is Ejected By Umpire Mario Seneca (VIDEO)

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve seen ejections before. Usually there’s a build up, then the player or coach says one of the “things we do not speak of,” gets tossed, kicks dirt for a little bit (Or does this), they leave, game resumes. I have never seen an ejection like this one before. Credit the Sound guy for doing something most fans would dream of doing.

Money Quote:

"“I’m just kind of not believing this right now,” Dye told the newspaper. “It’s quite an experience. I guess this will be my legacy at Daytona.”"

Your legacy extends far beyond Daytona young man. *Standing Applause*

On Mark Trumbo, walk rates, swing rates and sustainability

This post was written here about where Mark Trumbo IS NOT hitting the baseball like he had been. This one questions whether or not during this prolonged slump that Trumbo has been in if he can maintain the numbers that have re-excited us about him during the course of the season.

Money Quote:

"Or so we hope. There is still some cause for concern. The real driving force behind his improvement in walk rate is that he stopped swinging at any and every pitch within two feet of the plate. His overall swing rate is down three percentage points from last season and his out-of-zone swing rate is down nearly four and a half percentage points. That’s the real benefit for Trumbo."

From bloggers keyboards to Mark Trumbo’s ears. I hope he’s listening.

Down on the Farm

Smith Shuts Down Redbirds

Hank Conger, Kole Calhoun and Efren Navarro strung together hits in the seventh to give the Bees the games first run. Matt Long Hit a two-run home run to add some cushion. And, oh yeah, Bobby Cassevah gave up a home run as well. Way to stay consistent Bobby. The Bees have been on quite the run as of late going 16-3 over their last 19 games. They are still six games back and in third place in the northern division.

Schugel and McKiernan Combine On One-Hitter

The Travelers got another strong outing from their pitching staff, one hitting the Corpus Christie Hooks (I love Minor league ballclub’s names). At 26-25 for the second half they remain 7.5 games back in the standings. Mike Piazza (not this Mike Piazza) toes the rubber tonight to see if he can keep the string of well pitched games going.

Bandits down Kernels 8-2

The Kernels got pounded the Bandits on Wednesday 8-2. Cam Bedrosian (A possible member of the Angels top ten prospects going into next year) lasted 3 2/3 innings giving up seven runs (6 earned) while surrendering eight hits, walking two and striking out three. Cam might want to “turn the page” on this one. Also, Cedar Rapids is giving away this very cool poster tonight.

Still awesome.

Voyagers Beat Owlz 12-4 in Series Finale

The Owlz also got smacked around on Wednesday, losing 12-4 to the Voyagers. Aaron Newcomb absorbed his first professional loss lasting only 2 1/3 innings. That tends to happen when you get yanked that early from a game.

MustSee: Funny Moment In Baseball

Some winning, some losing, but one thing that is consistently funny is when the Yankees do boneheaded things. I don’t care what Michael Kay says. This is funny, and I’m going to laugh at it.