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My “battered fan syndrome” reared it’s ugly head this weekend. This is getting bad. The one thing we were supposed to be able to depend on was our starting pitching, and now even Weaver had an abortion of a start. We stand at 62-60, and fading fast. Not exactly the season we were expecting to see from this team.

Rays sweep fading Angels

Just in case you are a glutton for punishment, enjoy this recap of a series that got more painful with every meltdown inning.

Money Quote:

"“Tampa had grit. We had them down 8-0 yesterday and they just didn’t give up,” Los Angeles outfielder Torii Hunter said. “That’s a good ballclub over there, and their pitching staff is even better. They’ve probably got one of the best teams in the league, and they did what they had to do. They came in here and took four from us, which is tough to do with the ballclub we have. But the way we’re playing right now, it’s not hard.”"

Tampa had grit? No, Tampa had pitching.

Is Mike Scioscia The New Bobby Valentine?

Mike Scioscia knows more about baseball than I do. One thing that separates Scioscia from most managers is that he is not only a great tactician, but he has the respect of his players. I hate the “contact play” as much as anyone, but I doubt he is slowly going the way of the Bobby Valentine. Come back to me in a year with this however, and I may be singing a different tune.

Report: Melky Cabrera used fake website to create explanation for positive drug test

This is getting Worse for Melky Cabrera. Now he’s no connected to someone how was helping him lie his way out of being a lying, cheating PED user.

Money Quote:

"Nunez told the Daily News that he was “accepting responsibility” for the website and Cabrera’s agents are trying to distance themselves from the plan. But it’s hard to believe Nunez was the lone web surfer since the newspaper also reports that the website was part of Cabrera’s formal explanation to MLB and the player’s union."

Way to fall on the grenade Nunez.

Astros dismiss manager Mills, two coaches

Since the Angels have been so bad lately, let’s take a moment to point and laugh at the Astros. I wonder if Brad Mills said “Thanks for the promotion” as he walked out the door?

Money Quote:

"“Every day, we tried to get the players the best they possibly could, and that was the goal every time out,” he said. “We wanted to get them better; we wanted them to play well. Sometimes it just didn’t work out, and if I’m going to sit here and point fingers, that’s not right. There’s some responsibility on my part as well.”"

Don’t worry Mills, look at this way, you wont have to manage this minor league team in the AL West next year.

Canadian little leaguer dazzles with amazing diving catch

Please tell me you saw this catch. You didn’t see this catch? Do yourself a favor and watch this kid from Canada make a ridiculous catch.

MLB Standings – 2012

Our playoff odds stand at 10.9% chance. The St. Louis Cardinals playoff odds last year on this date stood at 11%. I’m grasping at straws here, but like I said earlier, I suffer from battered fan syndrome and am trying to stay positive.

It’s been a pretty depressing week of baseball, so I’ll leave you with this video of a guy getting hit in the family jewels with a baseball. Laugh at how unfortunate he is, and try to forget how bad our team is playing.