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It’s a big weekend for American League baseball, Chris Iannetta is not acting like your typical Angels catcher and, there is a new face at the top of the Angels prospect list. Yesterday was an off day that I spent buying a month’s supply of heartburn relievers. A supply I will most likely burn through in three days thanks to this pennant race. The sacrifices that fans make.

Sept 2, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Los Angeles Angels catcher Chris Iannetta (17) reacts after fielding a grounder for an out against the Seattle Mariners during the sixth inning at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Resurgent Chris Iannetta has helped power Angels’ playoff push

I like that Chris Iannetta is getting more comfortable behind the plate both defensively and when it pertains to game calling. But damnit, after an entire season of Jeff Mathis and Bobby Wilson, I am ecstatic that we now have a catcher that knows what he is doing with a bat in his hands.

Money Quote:

"“In the batter’s box, Chris has found a comfort zone — he’s set the table for some important guys,” Scioscia said. “But more important to us, defensively, he’s getting comfortable and more mentally in tune with these guys.”"

There goes Scioscia again, towing the “defense first” line.

Angels sweep A’s, have reason to believe again

And so are the fans. That past series was huge, but so is this one against the Tigers and then a four game set against the A’s right after. I’m glad they believe they can do it, now go out and do it.

Money Quote:

"The Angels were bolstered Wednesday by their relievers, especially left-hander Nick Maronde, who was called up from the minors last week and has struck out all four batters he has faced."

Yeah, this man crush is certifiable.

On What Happened to Brandon McCarthy

Brandon McCarthy had to have surgery Wednesday night to relieve pressure in the brain caused from bleeding, as well as repair a scull fracture and treat a brain contusion. McCarthy is very very lucky to have gotten the treatment when he did get it and my thoughts go out to him for a speedy recovery. Jeff Sullivan at fangraphs goes into the psychological side of coming back from an incident like this. Jeff is a total Mariners homer, but it’s totally cool because he consistently writes incredible stuff like this.

Money Quote:

"This isn’t like a hit in the middle of a football field, where a concussed receiver lies on the ground while a triumphant safety poses above him. There was no aggressor here, there was nothing intentional. Aybar, surely, was trying to hit a line drive, so in that regard he was successful, but he wasn’t trying to hit it at the pitcher’s head."

The hitter usually gets forgotten about when these things happen, but have any of us really thought about the guilt they feel afterwards?

Four weekend series could tighten divisions, wild card

There are some no joke, crazy huge, happening at exactly the right time series taking place this weekend that could set the American League on it’s ear. Fun baseball this weekend people, stressful baseball, but fun.

Angels’ Trout Battles Tigers’ Cabrera For Batting Title, MVP

It is not the Angels vs. the Tigers this weekend. In fact, it is just Miguel Cabrera against Mike Trout. These two are the leading MVP candidates right now and with Mike Trout slipping, and Miguel Cabrera surging, the whole thing has gotten even tighter. It’s going to come down to whichever players team makes the playoffs, but a “showdown” series in September is always a good billing.

Money Quote:

"“The bar was set so high that we’re talking about a month where he hit .290 as a lull,” Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto said of Trout’s August, in which he batted .284 — by far his lowest mark for a full month in the big leagues. “If his accomplishments to date have created a standard where simply being really good can be considered a lull, we’re going to be OK.”"

Yup, Mike Trout was “good” in August, but we are irrational fans here Jerry. Good is simply not going to cut it.

Cowart leads Halos’ new Top 20 list, wish list

There’s a new kid at the top of the Halos prospect list, and his name is Kaleb Cowart. I, for one, couldn’t be more happy. He should be due for a September call up next year with a chance to win the starting job in 2014.

Money Quote:

"For Cowart to have an impact on the Majors some day, he’ll have to improve on his consistency from both sides of the plate. At High A this year, the Angels’ 18th overall pick in 2010 batted .313 from the right side, but just .241 from the left side.“Being consistent from both sides of the plate will be key,” Servais said, “because even though you’re a switch-hitter, you don’t want to have one side be that much better than the other.”"

There you are young man, something to work on this winter. Or maybe get to it during the Arizona Fall League.

These are the big leagues here kid, you’re “sneak in a kiss while the parents aren’t looking” move simply isn’t going to cut it. Hit the showers Rook, we’re bringing in the lefty.