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Mike Trout is the MVP whether people like it or not, Alberto Callaspo gets some blog love and, Jerry Dipoto admires what is happening in Baltimore and Oakland. The Angels have won two in a row and are still in the hunt for the Wild Card. Must stay optimistic, must stay optimistic.

September 14, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Los Angeles Angels pitcher

Ernesto Frieri

(49) celebrates with catcher

John Hester

(41) after beating the Kansas City Royals 9-7 at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-US PRESSWIRE


Since I like to refer to myself as a logical person (and that’s without taking my wife’s opinion into account), this debate becomes more of a slam dunk with each argument. The kid does it all, and does it all better than your favorite player does it. And Derek Jeter? Really?

Money Quote:

"At least there appears to be some shred of rationale behind the Beltre campaign. Another recent name tossed out there is Robinson Cano, because there has to be a Yankee in the conversation, right? And there is people who make a case for Derek Jeter, I… I can’t even… I just-"

It’s OK, no one else understands either.


I’ve read this twice, and still don’t see the Ryan Gosling connection, but it says Rachel McAdams in the title so I will probably read it a third time. Alberto Callaspo gets almost no love from Angels fans for not being the prototypical slick fielding, heavy hitting third baseman. What Callaspo does do, is provide consistent production and above average fielding. Sounds like a good stopgap to me.

Money Quote:

"This is where this meaningless post starts to resembles baseball. Like me, Alberto Callaspo is definitely not Ryan Gosling. In fact, Alberto Callaspo probably has a “Colin Hanks” rating on the Lil Wayne to Ryan Gosling scale. The good thing about Alberto Callaspo, however, is that he realizes this."

If this means what I think it means, then I rank higher than Colin Hanks. Hollywood, here I come.

Angels’ Jerry Dipoto shows admiration for Athletics, Orioles

Who wouldn’t admire those teams? They keep winning games despite having low payrolls and no big name players. Oh, They’re ahead of us in the Wild Card? Totally forgot. Cancelling admiration.

Money Quote:

"“It’s remarkable what happens when you can pitch like the A’s and have players who are letting it hang loose,” Dipoto said. “They have nothing to lose, and they’re playing like it. They have no fear. That’s how you win.”"

Hint, hint. Wink, wink Halos.


This is the best suggestion yet.

Angels realize a sense of urgency

Ya think? 17 games left, two and half games out of Wild Card spot and you think they’ve finally been hit over the head with the urgency hammer? Dropping three straight to the A’s could have been the death blow, but luckily Baltimore didn’t pull ahead at the same time. Losing streaks like that simply cannot happen during the next two weeks. They just can’t.

Top Five Outfield Catches Of 2012

I don’t care if it saved a perfect game, Mike Trout‘s catch is still number one for the season.

Money Quote:

"2. Mike Trout “The Catch” – JJ Hardy walks up to the plate and hits a mammoth homer. The only problem was that it wasn’t a home run due to the fact that the Prince Fish Michael Nelson Trout was guarding center field. Out of the blue, Trout sprints to the wall and makes an unbelievable catch and robs JJ Hardy of a homer. The Legend of Mike Trout was born."

Michael. Nelson. Trout.

It’s just a man hug A-Rod. Nothing to be too alarmed about.