Link Hangout – Hello Offseason


Chris Iannetta gets an extension, Torii Hunter hopes for a decision soon and, Mike Trout is still at the center of baseball. What a weird day for baseball yesterday. An outfield fly rule call. The Rangers got ousted by the Orioles. Just, weird. But, there was still Angels news to be had, and that’s why we are here.


Angels ink Iannetta to three-year extension

Chris Iannetta, come on down. Great move by the Angels. A worthy backstop who knows how to handle a baseball bat and for a very affordable price. Bobby Wilson is most likely out of a job now, and chances are we will hear something about Hank Conger moving on to a new team which is actually OK with me because he was never going to live up to Mike Scioscia’s standards behind the plate. Good luck and Godspeed Hammerin’ Hank, and Bobby, take it easy on the buffet lines.

Money Quote:

"“I wanted to be here,” Iannetta said. “I’m not a guy that’s all about going out and trying to maximize a contract as much as I possibly can. I wanted a situation that’s good, I wanted a situation where I feel comfortable, and this is obviously it."

If Iannetta is going to be around for a few years, I should probably save his name into my computer’s dictionary.

Hunter expects decision by Angels ‘soon’

And, why not? Hunter doesn’t really have to wait around on the Angels to make him an offer. They do have that window of exclusivity, and I believe that Dipoto and Moreno will use that window to their full advantage before presenting a deal to Torii. But, if they don’t approach him early, don’t expect Hunter to wait around. He had a very good season this past year, and I fully expect some team to give him at least a three year deal going into next year. Hopefully it’s the Angels.

Money Quote:

"“The love I have for the fans here is amazing. I felt like this was home for me for the five years they adopted me, but I do understand the business side of baseball, and I wish I could find me a home and stay there, but hopefully it’s here.”"

A lot of us hope you stay here too Torii.

Trout at center of baseball debate

OK, so it’s not the center of baseball, but this is the only real debate going on even if we think there is nothing to debate. Now however, there is a new wrench in the gears. Miguel Cabrera helped push the Tigers into the postseason, Mike Trout was unable to drag the Angels out of third place. It doesn’t really matter that the Angels had the better record, they did not make the playoffs. Triple Crown + Playoff appearance = Lots of unhappy Halo fans.

Money Quote:

"In the end, the only people with the power to decide it are the 28 members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America who have a vote. And if recent history holds a clue, they might lean toward Cabrera more because he powered the Tigers to an AL Central title than the fact that he ended the longest Triple Crown drought in baseball history."

Please don’t make Jon Morosi right BBWAA. Just, don’t.

Angels’ course for ’13 starts with Greinke decision

Yeah, I want Zack Greinke to stay, even if he doesn’t know the “I” before “E” except after “C” speech. He’s a terrific pitcher, in the prime of his career. But he will be expensive. There are rumblings that Dan Haren wouldn’t mind deferring money, or even taking a new contract at a lower rate which would help, but those are just rumors. Greinke will not be cheap, and with the luxury tax looming, I’d have to imagine that the price tag will scare Moreno off before we get a serious bid in.

Money Quote:

"Priority No. 1: re-signing Zack Greinke.“It’s something we’d like to explore,” Dipoto said. “Contact will be made fairly soon.”"

Houston, we have made contact.

Angels reflect on disappointing season

Reflection, reflection, reflection. This year is disappointing, not just for missing the playoffs, but because we expected a World Series Trophy at the end. It could be worse though, the Pirates were 16 games over .500 on August fifth, and then went on to become the first team ever to be that far over .500 that late in the season only to finish under the .500 mark. Was our year great, no, but it definitely could have been worse.

Money Quote:

"“It’s tough to see it end this way,” manager Mike Scioscia said outside his office, “but it’s not like we didn’t play hard. We did. Every guy who took the field played as hard as he could, and for parts of the season, things just didn’t work out for us. We paid a price for the bad start, but after that (6-14) start our record was 83-59 and we played great baseball for the most part.”"

Stupid April.

Mike Trout is stoked to be on a baseball card. of course, who wouldn’t be.