Should The Angels Go After R.A. Dickey?


Usually in New York, The Yankees are the ones making the big headlines, however, the Mets are in the limelight right now due to their negotiations with David Wright and R.A. Dickey. It’s a possibility that if negotiations don’t go well with either of them that the team may try to trade them. The person I’m going to focus on the Angels trying to get is Dickey. I think Wright would be too expensive for the club down the line, especially with a big payday coming to Mike Trout.

Oct. 2, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher

R.A. Dickey

(43) throws against the Miami Marlins at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The first person I would put in the deal is Mark Trumbo. First of all, you have to give to get. Trumbo is a righty power bat, something that the Mets are in desperate need of. He would also come cheap which would help a team that clearly has some financial issues. They could put him at first if they want to trade Ike Davis or try him in leftfield. Yes, it’s a huge ballpark, however, he has huge power, so you’d have to overlook the defense.The second person I would include is Hank Conger. The Mets are looking for a catcher and with Chris Iannetta and his new deal, Conger has no chance to start. The Angels should look to capitalize on his value while he still has some. Conger can come in and compete with Josh Thole or whoever else they want to bring in at the position.

The third person I’d throw in is Michael Kohn. Kohn can help the Mets in the bullpen later on in the season as he recovers from Tommy John Surgery (like a certain closer the Angels just signed). The Mets could go with Zack Wheeler or bring back Mike Pelfrey after non-tendering him to fill Dickey’s spot in the rotation.

The next question is what contract do you give Dickey and who plays left or right field? Well Dickey apparently wants a three year, $36 million deal. I think the Angels should give it to him. Sure, it’s risky for a 37 year old who throws a trick pitch harder than anyone ever has and is coming off his best year, but knuckleballers can pitch for a while. Dickey could still have some very good years in him. It’s cheaper than what you would have to give Zack Greinke. The Angels could take that money and use it on Dickey and how about Shane Victorino for one year at $7 million, or wait to give Dickey the extention and sign B.J. Upton at a four year deal for $60 million ?

This could be the lineup:

Mike Trout RF

Erick Aybar SS

Albert Pujols 1B

Kendrys Morales DH

Howie Kendrick 2B

Shane Victorino/ B.J. Upton LF

Alberto Callaspo 3B

Chris Iannetta C

Peter Bourjos CF

You could complain about the lack of power, however your lead-off hitter could hit 30 homers along with your first baseman. Your DH could hit 25. Iannetta could hit 15-20 if he’s healthy and you would have a ton of speed. Remember, it’s just an idea.