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Mike Trout is unfazed by expectations for an encore, a patient Mark Trumbo is drawing more walks and, Mike Scioscia might not be the problem, but he might pay the price. After last night’s win over the Houston Juggernauts Astros, I’m walking on cloud nine. It’s probably this whole “winning” thing. It’s, like, better than losing.

May 8, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Los Angeles Angels left fielder Mike Trout (27) bats against the Houston Astros in the first inning at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit:

Thomas Campbell


Mike Trout Unfazed By Expectations of Encore

I find it hard to believe, that a 21 year-old kid is not affected by being one of the most important links in the chain for this team. But then again, Trout has always been applauded for having “off the charts” make up.

Money Quote:

"“To be honest with you, I don’t see a change,” Richards says. “He’s the same kid, same attitude, same approach. Believe it or not, I think he’s getting better than he was last year, because guys are pitching him different than they did last year, and he’s noticing it early on in the season, and he’s starting to make adjustments.”"

Did you hear that, AL pitchers, he’s starting to make adjustments.

Dipoto’s Rebuild/Reload Plan

I think people forget, about Jerry Dipoto, that he inherited this team from one of the worst General Managers in club history. Tony Reagins seemed hell bent on destroying the system that Bill Stoneman had created during his reign of terror. And although Dipoto has spent a small country’s entire 10-year budget on three players, the pieces put together by Scotty Allen do seem to paint a precise picture of what Jerry’s plan could be.

Wood Sold From One AAA Team to Another

This Brandon Wood guy, I think he’s going to be a star.

Money Quote:

"Once upon a time Wood used to destroy minor-league pitching and then struggle mightily in the majors, but lately he hasn’t even done that."

There’s no joke there, just a sad reality for most minor leaguers, even the first round selections.

Angels Scioscia Not the Problem, But he Could Pay the Price

T.J. Simers, Angels fan troll.

Money Quote:

"“Do you know how my week has gone?” said Scioscia when we began. “We’re playing [lousy] baseball, I’m getting my 2011 taxes audited and I’m now talking to you.”"

Get him Mike, Get hiiiiiiiim.

C.J. Wilson Engaged to Super Hot Model Girlfriend

So this is what happens when you smell 100% handsome. Time to go buy me some Head & Shoulders.

Aybar, Downs Exit Early With Injuries

Erick Aybar…..hamstring. Scott Downs…..foot. Even on a good day, this team’s luck manages to take the fun right out of a win.

Patient Trumbo Drawing Walks

And I couldn’t be happier. He’ll never be a big-time 3TO player like Russell Branyan or Adam Dunn, but by not being an easy out in the lineup for opposing pitchers, he forces them to either put him on base, or risk him putting the ball in the seats. Now it’s just a matter of him continuing this throughout the season, and not letting a slump (which is bound to happen), revert him back to the “swing at anything thrown in the general direction of the plate” approach.

Money Quote:

"“If it was a decision that you could easily control, anyone would only swing at strikes. But I always felt like some guys were just born with a little bit better eye, a little better plate discipline. Some guys really have to work at it, and I’m more the latter.”"

But, by putting in the work, Trumbo could be turning himself into the “former.”

And now, a message from Lou Brown…