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Relievers are making time and a half, Ryan Madson has an encouraging outing and, Erick Aybar shouldn’t time on the disabled list. The soft underbelly of the Angels schedule is in full swing. So far, they have gone 3-2 during this “cakewalk” stretch of games, and have now pushed their record to 14-22. The team has at least started to separate itself from the Houston Astros. Silver linings people!

May 7, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Los Angeles Angels shortstop Erick Aybar (2) reacts after striking out during the fifth inning against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Angels Relievers Are Working Plenty of Overtime

Except Garrett Richards, who has now thrown just over three innings this month. Conversely, Ernesto Frieri is a freaking animal. In this age of one inning bullpen use, Frieri has finished the last three games, totaling 3.2 innings of work. Chances are that he will be unavailable tonight, but don’t rule out Mike Scioscia bringing him in if the situation calls for it.

Money Quote:

"“I look at it as an opportunity for a lot of guys, to come up here and find their niche,” Butcher said. “… A lot of guys, through injuries, create their own opportunities. There’s been a lot of opportunities this year for several guys to come up here and show what they’re capable of doing. Some guys have taken advantage of that, obviously.”"

Totes obvi.

Madson’s Brief Outing Encouraging to Angels

It’s encouraging to me too. When right, Madson is one of the most lock down relievers in all of baseball. And his availability at the big league level, would also negate the need for a less than adequate arm from AA, like Michael Roth.

Money Quote:

"“One thing is, you don’t want a guy down there wasting bullets if he’s ready,”"

No kidding. Have you guys seen the cost of ammunition these days? We’re screwed if the zombie apocalypse happens, especially if the Angels are wasting bullets.

C.J. Wilson: Reliever to Successful Starter

Obviously, this writer, has not been watching the same games as the rest of us. C.J. Wilson is no bum, to be sure, but his 2013 season up to this point, has been one forgettable start after another.

Replay Looms After Bad Week For Umpires

Oh, now it “looms.” When it comes to instant replay, I go back to Jim Joyce ruining what should have been the best day of Armando Galarraga‘s career. It’s not every day that pitcher who should be a mop-up guy throws a perfect game. But hey, Fill that page up with words.

Angels Hopeful That Erick Aybar Can Avoid the Disabled List

You know who else is hopeful that Aybar can avoid the DL? The fans are. I would really enjoy a week of play where this team doesn’t have to pull someone from the game and then sit them for a few days because of some nagging injury. We get it, baseball Gods, you’re mad at them for some reason. But can’t find someone else to punish for a little while? I’m sure wed all get a kick out of you screwing with A.J. Pierzynski for a few weeks.