Five Longest Angels Home Runs in May


So, there hasn’t been a whole lot to smile about when we think about the Angels lately. This, of course, is a natural reaction to being swept by the Houston Astros. So, let’s try an activity that makes people smile. It is true that “Chick’s dig the long ball,” but it’s fair to say that men get just as giddy when a hitter connects with a pitch perfectly. No hitter will get double mention here (Sorry Mark Trumbo and Mike Trout), but that doesn’t mean that I will add a 345 foot “wall scraper” just to avoid a second appearance from a hitter. Each home run is a legitimate “bomb.” So, with that being said, let’s get started.

5.) Howie Kendrick (Video)

On May 7th, the Angels were in Houston. Down 6-3, Kendrick turned on this Dallas Keuchel offering. Cutting the lead to 6-4, and traveling a true distance of 420 feet, with a speed of 103.1 MPH off of the bat. Howie Kendrick does not always hit a ball to left field, but when he does, he puts a charge into it.

4.) Albert Pujols (Video)

Jeremy Guthrie was on the mound on May 14th for the Kansas City Royals at the Big A. The Royals had given him an early 1-0 lead, but that lead vanished when he left a 2-0 pitch up in the zone to, The Machine, Albert Pujols. Pujols turned it around at an astonishing 116.1 MPH off of the bat, launching it a true distance of 433 feet. The 116.1 MPH speed off of the bat is the fastest for May.

3.) Josh Hamilton (Video)

Let’s just say, that May 14th was not a good day for Guthrie. In total he gave up four home runs, and eventually took the loss. Let us also say, that this season so far has been highly forgettable for Josh Hamilton, but this first pitch fastball was right where Josh wanted it. Traveling a true distance of 439 feet, and going 106.5 MPH off of the bat, this home run gave the Angels a 4-2 lead, and the fans a chance to enjoy a Josh Hmailton home run.

2.) Mark Trumbo (Video)

The only surprising part about this list, is that Trumbo doesn’t occupy the top spot. If this were a list for April, Mark’s 475 foot blast in Oakland would stand head and shoulder’s above the rest. But, this is for May. And in May, Mark has the second longest home run. Down 4-0 in the fourth inning, Hector Santiago hung an 0-2 breaking ball that Trumbo tattooed over, what my imagination claims, a Michelin Tire sign. How far? It traveled a true distance of 441 feet. How fast? This Trumbomb came in second to Pujols, traveling 116 MPH off of the bat. Trumbo Jack’s are delicious, and nutritious, and this one was no different.

1.) Mike Trout

Click. Click. Boom. Mark Gubicza made the statement when Trout hit this moonshot that, it landed in “Bo Jackson territory.” Not bad company. Mike Trout’s big fly on that afternoon in Kansas City traveled a true distance of 463 feet (second longest Angels home run of the season), and had a speed off of the bat of 110.7 MPH. And, thanks to, this video can be embedded. Thanks, MLB.

Go ahead, watch it again, you know you want to.