2013 Angels in Review: Awards Edition



Now that the reviewing of the 2013 roster is complete, it is high-time that we hand out some hardware. Every member of the Halo Hangout team has weighed in, and MJ has been hard at work fashioning awards out of Fabreware toasters and leftover Halloween candy. Maybe for next season’s awards, we will glue pennies to a paper plate.

So, without further adieu, here are the best and worst the Angels had to offer in 2013 along with what my fellow authors had to say.

MVP: Mike Trout

MJ: Trout is the best player on the Angels and in baseball. He should win every award from AL MVP to an MTV Video Music Award (highlights set to music) to both a daytime and nighttime Emmy (brilliance during televised games).

Virginia: Who else would it be? He should be LEAGUE MVP!

Ryan: Self-explanatory.

Dave: This one’s a no brainer. He’s also runner up and whatever comes just after that.

Mike: /Watches this. /Drools.

Honorable Mentions: Yeah, um, no one.

LVP: Josh Hamilton

Ryan: Josh Hamilton. Numbers wise, he had the worst season of his career and failed to live up to everyone’s expectations. Too bad management didn’t keep the receipt on this one.

Mike: This one was split, but Hamilton took it as the only player to receive three votes. From inconsistencies to vision issues to wrist issues to trouble with the lights, Hamilton made every Rangers fan smile in 2013 while failing as an Angel. That, in and of itself, is good enough to earn him an LVP award (his 1.9 fWAR while making $15MM didn’t help his case either).

Honorable Mentions: Joe Blanton, the Angels Braintrust

Cy Young: C.J. Wilson

Dave: I feel oddly strange, and somewhat unclean about this, but I have to say C.J. Wilson. He was consistent… durable… frustrating as always but for the most part he got the job done. Having Weaver out for a big portion of the season certainly helps the handsome smelling one’s case.

MJ: Wilson had a fine season with a 3.51 FIP over 212.1 innings. So, at least, he’s been a workhorse since joining the Angels.

Ryan: Not a stellar season for Wilson, but he was the most consistent pitcher for the Angels all season.

Mike: I really liked when the Angels signed C.J. prior to the 2012 season. I still like the signing. I also freely admit that if both Jered Weaver and Jason Vargas stay healthy, Wilson has a lot more competition for this mark.

Honorable Mentions: Jered Weaver, Garrett Richards, Jason Vargas

Jul 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Joe Blanton (55) reacts to giving up a home run against the Chicago Cubs during the first inning at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Cy Yuck: Joe Blanton

Ryan: Copy and Paste what I said about Hamilton here.

Virginia: Yes, he was so bad he deserves to be on here twice for negative categories. (Virginia voted for Blanton as LVP. Obviously, she was very unhappy with him this year)

MJ: Jason Marquis, Dylan Axelrod, Lucas Harrell and Scott Diamond were the only pitchers who managed to fielding independently pitch worse than Blanton’s 5.12 FIP.

Dave: Joseph Pythius Blanton. Incidentally Pythius is also the name of the demon associated with liars and liar spirits according to Francis Barrett, in his book The Magus (1801). Great read… you guys should pick it up.

Mike: Blanton as the Cy Yuck was the only unanimous decision other than Mike Trout as MVP. Outside of a four or five start stretch in May, there was not one time where I felt confident when Blanton was on the mound.

Honorable Mentions: Again, no one.

Rookie of the Year: J.B. Shuck

Dave: Even though his OBP was almost literally his batting average I have to give the edge to Shuck since he played almost all season at the big club. Not a bad rookie season.

Virginia: He stepped up in a big way when he was needed and improved as the season progressed.

Ryan: A solid contender for the AL ROY award. Some of his catches in the outfield came close to showing up Trout’s theatrics.

Honorable Mentions: Kole Calhoun

Reliever of the Year: Dane De La Rosa

Virginia: Nobody else in the bullpen stands out in a good way, sadly.

Dave: He was absolutely the most reliable guy out of the pen… the anti-Enright if you will.

Ryan: A great set-up man and back-up closer.

Mike: De La Rosa led the Angels relievers in fWAR with a mark of 1.1. Of course, considering the rag-tag group that occupied the cowpen, this isn’t all that much to write home about.

Honorable Mentions: Ernesto Frieri, Michael Roth (MJ voted Roth. I had his blood/alcohol level tested, and everything checked out. Seems he’s just weird)