Three reasons the Los Angeles Angels will contend in 2017

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The Los Angeles Angels are looking to contend this season, after a subpar 2016 season, it appears they’ll make some noise.

The Los Angeles Angels finished 2016 with just 74 wins. While it was problematic, there wasn’t a lot of blame to go around. Injuries are a nature of the game, and with that, comes the risk for any player that takes the field.

In the Angels’ case, injuries crippled this team’s chances at contention. However, the team is making moves and rebuilding the 25-man roster piece by piece. Adding Danny Espinosa was arguably the biggest move of the offseason. Although, the Angels didn’t tweak the starting rotation much.

The Angels added Jesse Chavez to the rotation mix, they’re also allowing J.C. Ramirez to throw during Spring Training with a chance to start. Still, there are varying degrees of success for the Angels. One is the fact that Garrett Richards will be healthy to start the season, another is Mike Trout and Albert Pujols.

The Angels have a chance to contend this season. When the season begins, it’s a clean slate. This will provide the Angels with a chance to fly under the radar as most MLB experts have already counted them out. Even with Trout, most believe the Angels won’t have enough on the mound to compete. However, there are other reason’s that could define the Angels success.

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This season not only sets the stage for the immediate future of the Angels, it also will play a significant role in Trout’s future with the franchise. To put it bluntly, the Angels must win games and challenge for the AL West this season.

Here are the three factors that will help the Angels compete this season.