Breaking Down the Los Angeles Angels Projected Starting Five

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Matt Shoemaker:

Matt Shoemaker might be the toughest guy in the league. After taking a pitch to the head last season, Shoemaker has been medically cleared and is looking forward to Spring Training. Last season, Shoemaker was a go-to for the Angels pitching staff following the injury outbreak during the month of May. However, his inconsistencies on the mound have been his demon. Shoemaker finished the 2016 campaign with an ERA of 3.88 and a 9-13 record.

Pitching in 160 innings, Shoemaker proved to a reliable pitcher on the mound during a turbulent time in Anaheim. Now that the smoke has cleared, Shoemaker has an opportunity to really showcase his talents on the mound.

This will be an exciting season for Shoemaker. He stuck through the rough patch all season last year. He never complained nor criticized the Angels organization or his teammates during his struggles.

That devotion to the Angels is part of why the Angels offered Shoemaker a $3.325 million contract to avoid arbitration. Now, he’ll be business as usual within the Angels rotation. Look for Shoemaker to improve on his control and his win total. Last season, Shoemaker won just nine games as a starter in 2016.