MLB drops the ball by not having any LA Angels players in All-Star Game.

MIAMI, FL - MAY 28: Mike Trout
MIAMI, FL - MAY 28: Mike Trout /

The LA Angels had only one All-Star representative in 2017 which was reigning AL MVP Mike Trout. Unfortunately Trout was unable to participate due to his thumb injury as he was not quite ready to come back and play.

With the LA Angels only all-star in 2017 being Mike Trout and Trout not being able to play many Angel fans may not have been motivated to watch.  I know for myself I have looked forward to last five Mid-Summer Classics knowing the number 27 would be taking part in the game.

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Trout did not disappoint winning back-to-back All-Star Game MVP’s which had never been done before.  In five appearances Trout is six for 13 with a .462 batting average with one homer and three runs batted in. In 2014 when Trout won his first all-star MVP, he went two for three with a double, triple, and two RBI’s and then in 2015 he did even better going one for three with a home run and an RBI with two runs scored and he again garnered MVP honors.

So when it was announced that Mike Trout was not playing in the 2017 All-Star Game (A decision I totally agree with for Trout), my desire to watch the All-Star Game diminished.  Sure I love watching the best players in the game compete.  I also know that there are some tremendously talented newcomers to the game such as the Dodgers Cody Bellinger, the Yankees Aaron Judge, and the Marlins Justin Bour to name a few.

However, to not have anyone to represent your favorite team, it takes a little luster off this showcase event.  The Angels should been given a replacement player from their team to be the Angels representative with Mike Trout not being able to participate, but unfortunately that did not happen.

It’s not like the Angels did not have a few All-Star Worthy players.  Bud Norris with his 13 saves in 15 opportunities with a 2.23 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP would definitely be deserving. This is especially true since before this season he had always been a starter.

Another player who should have been the All-Star Game was Andrelton Simmons who has only hit .290 with nine homers and 39 RBI’s as well as stealing 13 bases.  Not to mention he is arguably the best defensive shortstop in the league.  Simmons deserved to be there in Miami on his own merits with what he has done and definitely would have been a great replacement for Trout.

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I really feel Major League Baseball dropped the ball in this case by not sending another Angel to the game in place of Mike Trout.  From what I heard  the game was a classic pitcher’s duel between the AL and NL. It was just a matter of would flinch first, which turned out to be the NL and Cubs closer Wade Davis, who gave up the game-winning home run to the Mariners Robinson Cano.

In this Mid-Summer Classic, the best player in baseball did not play in Mike Trout, and the best pitcher in baseball, Clayton Kershaw, did not pitch.  However, a Dodger, Alex Wood, was selected to replace Kershaw on the roster, (Wood should have been there to begin with a 10-0 record and a 1.67 ERA and a 0.87 WHIP)  and that made sense.

I know they both are pitchers, and are left-handed to boot, but it still made it a little better for Dodger fans to have someone from their own team fill the void on the roster left by Kershaw’s absence.

This may seem to be a selfish attitude to have, not wanting to watch the game because my favorite team has no representation.  However, I think part of the magic of the All-Star Game is not only to watch your favorite team’s players play, but see how they stack up against the league’s best and if Simmons or Norris would have been chosen I could have done that.

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With Trout returning to the Angels on Friday all will be right in the baseball world as #27 is back where he belongs roaming center field for the Angels. I will definitely be there to watch that one.

Welcome back Mike!!!