Los Angeles Angels: Mike Trout doing Mike Trout things

ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 02: Mike Trout
ANAHEIM, CA - AUGUST 02: Mike Trout /

The Los Angeles Angels are watching greatness and have been since 2011. The Angels superstar is putting together another MVP type of season with outstanding numbers.

When you think of the Los Angeles Angels, you think of Mike Trout. You could almost say that Trout is the Angels. Although, you would never hear those words from trout himself. Still, the numbers would suggest that Trout is carrying this team to a 53-55 record and on the doorstep of a Wild Card spot.

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Last night, the Angels hosted the Phillies and Trout did what he normally does. He hit homers. In fact, he hit his 20th home run of the season last night. For the last six seasons, Mike Trout has hit at least 20 homers. Although Trout is 14 home runs behind the league leading Aaron Judge, he still is considered the most lethal hitter in the game.

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When Trout won the AL MVP award last year, he did so by hitting 41 home runs. This season, he’s still likely to hit that same number even with missing more than a month due to injury. The odds of Trout winning the AL MVP this year are slim due to the rise of Aaron Judge. However, Angels fans know the greatness of Trout.

I’ll spare you the details of Trout’s contract and the Angels current state. In the back of Angels fans minds, we all realize that Trout leaving Anaheim is a possibility. For now, we should enjoy the ride and the quest to get Trout by into the postseason. The Angels remain three games back of a possible spot.

It’s somewhat cruel for the Angels to have a player as good as Trout and be unable to surround him with the needed talent to be in the post season year-after-year. Still, Billy Eppler has made some decent moves in his short tenure as the Angels GM. That means we can save the hot seat GM talk for another day.