At Age 26, Mike Trout is On His Way to GOAT Status

CINCINNATI, OH - JULY 14: American League All-Star Mike Trout
CINCINNATI, OH - JULY 14: American League All-Star Mike Trout /

Angels fans know the greatness of Mike Trout. However, all of his many accomplishments thus far have also set Trout up for an epic, all-time great career.

Mike Trout turned 26 on Monday. Yes, the two-time MVP, five-time Silver Slugger, and six-time All-Star is just now entering his prime. Trout already has a lengthy list of accomplishments. Furthermore, he has also set himself up to be the best player to ever step onto a diamond.

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For instance, Mike Trout sits at 999 career hits. While there are over 1,000 members of the 1,000 hit club, this will be the first major statistical milestone of Trout’s career. He hit a big fly on his birthday in 2012, 2013, and 2015, so that thousandth hit could go quite the distance.

To join the 3,000 hit club, Trout would have to average around 150 hits for the next 14 years. Considering Trout has never had less than 172 hits in a full season, he may as well have his seat reserved.

Speaking of home runs, Mike Trout is the fourth American League player to have six 20-homer seasons before his 26th birthday. He currently sits 190 career bombs, making him just the ninth player to have at least 190 before his 26th birthday. Of the members of the 600 home run club, only Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez had more long balls than Trout when they turned 26.

To join the 600 home run club, Trout would have to hit 35 home runs over the next 14 seasons. This would not be as easy as joining the 3,000 hit club, as Trout has only hit 35 home runs twice in his career. However, Trout is just now entering the prime of his career. And with only one major injury thus far, we have learned to not doubt Trout’s ability. While the 700 club may not be in his future, 600 home runs very well could be.

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Simply put, Mike Trout is the best player ever at the 26 mark. He is second all-time in Wins Above Replacement (WAR) at age 26. He sits only behind Ty Cobb, who had a WAR of 55.8 at 26. While this is 2.5 more than Trout’s 53.3, Cobb had almost an entire extra season in by the time he turned 26.

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Mike Trout has been nothing short of the best for the LA Angels. He could very well go down as the best to ever play, and will almost surely be a first ballot Hall of Famer. The only thing that Trout has yet to do is make a serious playoff run. However, the greats always find a way to get there.