New Years keys to success for LA Angels

ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 04: Matt Joyce
ARLINGTON, TX - JULY 04: Matt Joyce /
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The LA Angels are going into 2018 having embraced the saying “New year, new me” to its highest potential by shoring the frontlines with star-studded talent whilst improving the minor league ranks.

Now that the LA Angels have evolved into a prime-time team there needs to be a plethora of focus among certain elements in order to achieve ultimate, and efficient success. What, exactly, can Mike Scioscia do to ensure long-term success?

Consistent Bullpen Roles

One of the most concerning issues with the Angels in 2017 was the over-abundance of bullpen usage. Mike Scioscia‘s bullpen management wasn’t in the best shape, going so far as to set the single game AL record for most pitchers used with 12 men in total seeing the mound. The bullpen wasn’t exactly filled to the brim with talent, yet the glaring lack of consistency allows for strong concern regarding the comfort level and ease of pitching for these relievers. Allowing guys like Blake Parker to shift into a full-time closer role instead of bouncing him between the 7th-9th inning on a constant basis will do wonders for the longevity of the both individual pitcher and team success.

It will be difficult this season given the abundance of starting pitching; many of the players competing for starting roles will end up finding their footing in the bullpen, requiring both patience and keen player management to allow relievers to slide into whatever role they will blossom the greatest in. On top of the starters who will need work in the ‘pen there are also guys like Luke Bard who will need a greater guiding hand than other established relievers.