LA Angels Attend Tim Lincecum Showcase

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - JULY 5: Pitcher Tim Lincecum
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - JULY 5: Pitcher Tim Lincecum /

Former LA Angels pitcher and 3x World Series Champion with the NY Giants, Tim Lincecum, will be holding a showcase 2/15/18 in efforts to secure a job with a MLB organization.

Following a disastrous, short lived tenure with the LA Angels, and a year of inactivity, Lincecum will be showing off his revitalized form to a multitude of MLB teams. One team? The Angels.

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News recently broke regarding former multi-World Series champ and two-time All-Star Tim Lincecums comeback preparations, and following that news came the interest of many MLB teams in scouting the revitalized Time Lincecum.

Unsurprsingly, the LA Angels are one of those teams who will be observing. After news broke that the Angels would indeed be employing a six-man pitching rotation it makes perfect sense that they would look every-which-way to buff the pitching trenches. This isn’t the first time the Angels have taken a chance on Lincecum, and though it has it risks given his past two years and the Angels need to perform at max capacity this year it might still be a good idea to take a look at him.

In Lincecums 2016 season with the Angels he only pitched 38.1 innings, these innings resulting in a 9+ ERA. All innings came as a starter, so it’s viable that working out of the bullpen will ease his pitching stress and allow him to come back into at least a semblance of his previous form. This is a huge risk given the Angels need to blow up in 2018, mostly out of need to keep Mike Trout interested in staying with the Angels.

2018 could very well be a make-or-break year for Mike Trout, and in order to ensure his comfort in the Angels future there needs to be huge improvements made this year. The Angels need to make a run through the playoffs, and to do that it will take a lot of expertise. Not only from the players, but from Mike Scioscia.

“There’s a certain novelty to it. You’ve had Madison Bumgarner swing the bat with the Giants, but not like we’re trying to implement with Shohei. I don’t think it’s going to be that big of an issue. We need him to pitch. He’s a big part of our rotation. Secondary to that, when he has an opportunity to swing the bat, we definitely want to take a look at him.”

Harmless statement at first, until you look into it and realize he has little interesting in developing his hitting skills, almost claiming that the only interest Scioscia will take in his hitting is when he’s actually at the plate. No prior interest in ensuring he will belt it out at the plate; nope, a simple focus on pitching and “when he can hit we’ll see what happens”.

Tim Lincecum may very well be in more need of apt player-management than Ohtani, and when you see Scioscia’s preference to settle for what he has instead of nurturing it to a new level of excellence you’ll realize that Tim Lincecum needs to avoid Anaheim. Not only for the sake of the Angels, but the sake of his career. Lincecum needs a hands on manager who make every attempt to guide nurture his players, not a manager who takes what he can get.

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This is starting to turn into a rant against Scioscia, but it’s not really a surprise when most high-risk players falter under the guide of Scioscia.

Tim Lincecum has all of our support and encouragement, but if it comes down to the Angels taking interest in revitalizing your career?