Major League Baseball rule changes will be interesting regarding mound visits.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - JULY 5: Pitcher Tim Lincecum
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - JULY 5: Pitcher Tim Lincecum /

Major League Baseball is trying to speed up the pace of play in major league games.  There have been multiple rule changes over the past few seasons with the goal in mind of speeding up the game.

The latest attempt by Major League Baseball to speed up the pace of play is to limit the amount of mound visits in a game to six total.  After the sixth visit, every subsequent visit it is required that the pitcher must be removed from the game.  This will definitely be interesting especially those teams who seem to make a lot of pitching changes.

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It should definitely speed games up somewhat as some managers and coaches really abuse the mound visits which brings some games down to a snails pace.  However, other than having to take the pitcher out right away after the seventh mound visit in a given game.  Mike Scioscia sometimes makes a plethora of moves late in games and he plays the lefty-righty percentage as do many other managers do late in games.

Baseball has been attempting to speed up the pace of play over the past few years with different rule changes.  The clock for warm-ups between innings was instituted two years ago, but there is no penalty for going over the warm-up time.

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Baseball seems to be the only sport that seems to care of pace of play, but that makes sense since it is the only sport of the four major sports played without a time limit.

Other sports such as football and hockey are trying different rule changes to make their sports safer, but in my opinion are wussifying them to a point.  Even baseball has done some safety changes such as the sliding rule at second and the rules at home plate designed to protect catchers.

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But let’s get back to the mound visits rule, will it make a difference in time, yes.  Is it a really big deal, no not really.  Do players and managers like it? Some do and some don’t.  So we will just have to see once the season starts how things shake down. For now the verdict is still out, but once it starts making a strategic difference in some games, then you will hear more about it.