LA Angels Tyler Skaggs was a special young man who will greatly missed by all.

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - JULY 02: Manager Brad Ausmus #12 of the Los Angeles Angels reacts during a press conference held to address the death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs at Globe Life Park in Arlington on July 02, 2019 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TEXAS - JULY 02: Manager Brad Ausmus #12 of the Los Angeles Angels reacts during a press conference held to address the death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs at Globe Life Park in Arlington on July 02, 2019 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

When LA Angels’ Nick Adenhart was taken away from too soon in 2009 I was devastated as I always am when a young life ends too soon. It hurt because I’m an Angel fan, but also because I have experienced losing two people very dear to me in car accidents (my mom and aunt).

The LA Angels lost another member of their family Monday, Tyler Skaggs, way too soon. Skaggs’ death hurts me even more.  Why? Because in Skaggs’ case I actually knew him, having interviewed him two times and talked to him briefly on a few other occasions.

This is in no way to discount the Nick Adenhart tragedy as it was terrible especially since not only did Adenhart loses his life in a senseless drunk driving accident, but also friends Courtney Stewart and Henry Pearson also passed away in the crash.

However in Skaggs’ case for me it hit home even more because I had met him and interacted with him, although on a limited basis. If I would have had the chance to meet and interact with Nick Adenhart then I would feel the same way I do now about Tyler.  Another thing about Tyler Skaggs is that he grew only a few miles from where I live and I have actually covered sporting events at his high school numerous times.

Whatever the circumstances were with Skaggs’ passing the only thing that is important right now is that we embrace and comfort the people around Tyler Skaggs that have been most affected by this tragedy. First and foremost his wife Carli, and his mother Debbie, as well as his Angel teammates, coaches and staff that were with Skaggs on a daily basis and were close to him as well as his other family and friends.

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When someone who is to physical shape like Tyler Skaggs was dies unexpectedly it can rip your heart out if you let it.  Even though the Angels are planning on playing today in Texas, I’m sure the last thing the team really wants to think about is playing baseball today.  Although, I know doing something like a job can be good therapy because then you don’t have to sit and ponder the tragedy.

I know for me writing this story although it is very hard to do is in some way therapeutic to get my thoughts down and maybe hopefully bring some comfort to those who read it.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with tragedy and for me writing/speaking to others helps me to process and cope.  I have written numerous eulogies (too many) unfortunately for close friends and family members.  I’ve been told that it has given people some comfort in the tough times.

With Tyler Skaggs I don’t want to provide like I knew as a close friend because I didn’t. He probably would not even remembered my name.  However, just the same from what I have observed from my interactions with Tyler Skaggs and seen when I have been around him goes along exactly with what is being said about him now.

Skaggs was a very fierce competitor when he was on the mound.  He never wanted to come out of the game as evidence of comments that have come out especially in recent weeks about Skaggs asking Angel manager Brad Ausmus why he had someone throwing in the bullpen, “This is my game, that shouldn’t happen. Hang up the phone.” Skaggs said.

Things I will always remember from my interactions and what I saw when I was around him, was his fun-loving nature, and also the way he supported his teammates like the video Skaggs and some teammates did to promote Tommy La Stella for the All-Star team. Skaggs was also very caring as there have been stories how he has helped mentor younger players such as Griffin Canning when he was called up.  Skaggs also went to visit a children’s hospital with players from the Twins in Minneapolis.

Skaggs has definitely made an impact on many people in the 27 years he was with us and his loss will definitely leave a void in the lives of many people he touched.  This is going to be a hard three to four months from now until the end of the season for the Angels organization. Just watching the Angel press conference today with Arte Moreno, Billy Eppler, and Brad Ausmus seeing them all trying to fight back tears will tell you how much this tragedy has affected the Angels organization.

Below is a news story about Skaggs’ death and Tuesday’s press conference from CBS Evening News correspondent Carter Stevens. Take a look

This will be a test of character for the Angels that will strengthen the close bond that is already building among this Angel team. Hopefully the team will get some comfort in playing together today and the rest of the season.

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Debbie Skaggs you and your husband Daryl have raised an amazing young man and you should take comfort in knowing how good a son you raised.  He will be an Angel forever and though Tyler Skaggs is no longer with us he will live on in our hearts forever. Rest In Peace Tyler.  May God Bless You and your family now and forever.