LA Angels Series Preview: Taking the Magic into Houston Series

Los Angeles Angels, (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Angels, (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images) /
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Shohei Ohtan hits fifth home run in last nine games for Angels
Shohei Ohtan hits fifth home run in last nine games for Angels /

Do you believe in magic?

I do, and you should too. We all saw it during that no-hitter the Angels threw just a few nights ago. It doesn’t feel like the magic has ended there as we’ve been seeing some great things from this ball club all around. Aside from a couple of iffy pitching performances we saw a lot of talent all across the diamond for the Angels, even Matt Harvey had himself a nice little game.

Given that this was all against the last-place Seattle Mariners it stands to reason that the low level of competition made this series easier for the Angels. While that may be so all the Angels need to do is carry this momentum into Houston and things may be able to take care of themselves.

This is baseball and anything can happen in this sport; it’s not about who has the best team, but which team is playing the best baseball. Of course no one can be truly perfect, but the Angels have shown strength from top to bottom through the last few games. If they continue to play at this level there is no end to what this team can accomplish.

Mike Trout has been the hottest hitter in baseball in the month of June with the support of young talent like Thaiss, Luis Rengifo, David Fletcher coming together create a very real core for this Angels squad. The Angels core are just “Mike Trout and Friends”, even without Trout this team would still have a strong core and a bright future. The fact that Trout no longer has to really carry the offense is showing big time as he’s having some of the best offensive stretches of his career thanks to the rest of the offense taking pressure off his back. This will be tested in at least the first game of the series as Mike Trout will sit out game one with a strained calf muscle.

The Angels have gone through heavy tragedy recently, but with the way its brought the team together it doesn’t seem to be a fluke that their showing “cohesiveness” that has been missing all season. If they’ve truly found it and are able to carry it through the rest of the season there may be some real magic in store for the Angels in the coming future.