LA Angels: Top Prospects heading into final week of AFL

Jo Adell, Los Angeles Angels (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Jo Adell, Los Angeles Angels (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

Heading into the final week of the Arizona Fall League, let’s get up to speed on what the top LA Angels prospects have been doing. Since the Fall Stars game, which was last Saturday, things have changed in terms of stats and how we might look going into the future.

While the three LA Angel players that were selected for the Fall Stars game didn’t impress too well in terms of performance during that game, it is still considered an honor for these individual players because of the hard work they put into the short season.

We’ll start with the Angels number one prospect, Jo Adell, who started in left field for the East Fall Stars. He went 0-for-3 with a strikeout, which isn’t good at all in terms of one game. However, he has still put up impressive numbers overall in the league, and fans should still be excited for the long await of their top prospect.

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Brandon Marsh had hit a sacrifice fly that scored in a run in the fourth inning and is still right behind Jo Adell in terms of talent. While there may be a log jam of outfielders considering the players the Angels have on the roster right now, there should be strong consideration for bringing him up to the big leagues to see what he can do.

The final player on the Angels is Isaac Mattson, who came out of the bullpen and gave up a solo home run in the fourth inning. While he isn’t high on the Angels depth chart, should he continue to put up solid numbers in the last week of the AFL and in the future, look to see him be a secret weapon in the Angels bullpen.

According to MLB Pipeline, the Angels have had players make the top ten performers list eleven times, which is tied for third overall in the list with the Rays. This gives an overall showing of how the players are doing in the league which being in the top ten at least eleven times should get Angels fans excited for they’re future.

Recently, starting pitcher Aaron Hernandez made his best start of the fall, tossing five innings of no-hit ball while only allowing one walk. Hernandez is ranked fourteenth overall in the Angels prospect watch which should give him more consideration assuming he can put together more starts like the one he recently had, he has also been considered a bullpen option if he eventually makes the big leagues.

Finally, there was a recent video on, that showcases Adell and Marsh’s friendship with each other, focusing on how they started up and how they met. They share laughable moments in their friendship and show how well they feed off of each other as teammates and quickly give thoughts on what bringing in Joe Maddon as manager means to the organization.

Marsh explains how good of a teammate Adell is in terms of picking him up when he has a bad game or vice versa if Adell is in a similar struggle at the plate. The jokes they make at each other just shows the bond they have been able to form in the minor leagues as each are anticipating their call ups.

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Assuming they are called up around similar times, it should be exciting to see the both of them having fun together and competing with the Angels.