LA Angels: The meeting between Moreno and Boras should excite fans

Los Angeles Angels, Arte Moreno Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Angels, Arte Moreno Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) /

While the GM meetings have concluded, there was a piece of news that came out that Arte Moreno, the LA Angels owner, and Scott Boras, who is the agent to the top two free agent pitchers right now, had lunch on Tuesday. There wasn’t much detail given about the specifics of the meeting or who else was in attendance, but this should show fans that Moreno and Boras are making progress.

There are many fans and media members that remember the downfall of negotiations between the LA Angels and Mark Teixeira that was reported in which the Angels offered Teixeira a $160 million. This was turned down in favor of the Yankees offer of $180 million to which Teixeira accepted, this was upsetting for Moreno because Boras did not even acknowledge the Angels substantial offer.

A significant amount of time has passed since then as it was reported that Moreno and Boras had lunch together and while there weren’t many details about what it was pertaining too, it leaves fans and many to speculate. According to an article by Angels beat writer, Jeff Fletcher, Boras had stated “It was good,” and “He’s a guy that we talk about baseball all the time. He’s very, very into the game. He’s wanting to advance the interest of his franchise.”

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Of course the role of agent is make sure his client gets paid and is well situated, which these statements could either be taken for face value, or something so much more. Boras is the agent for both Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg who are expected to break the bank in terms of signing deals with teams, and with Boras being known for wanting to drive up the prices for both pitchers, this could be a very expensive offseason.

The Angels are said to be in the mix for either of these starting pitchers given where the players are formally from Cole being from Orange County and Strasburg from San Diego. Of course Boras wouldn’t make that a public comment saying that west coast teams are more favorable because he wants every team seeking his clients talents which means more competition.

There was also speculation as to who was there at the lunch besides Boras and Moreno to which Boras responded “I don’t want to give you the lunch roster.” This leads me to think that either Cole or Strasburg were at the meeting given the answer to the question because I do believe there was one of his clients there given the response to the question. Eppler is also said to have good relations with Boras which could increase the chance for a new era between the Angels and Scott Boras, however, all of this is just speculation and fans should never forget the role of an agent.

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All of this would seem that Boras and Moreno are on good terms which could lead to more meetings in the future and hopefully ones that get it closer to bringing one of his clients to Anaheim.