LA Angels Trade Market: Making A Trade With Every NL West Team

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San Francisco Giants

This is one trade proposal I really, really like for the LA Angels. Jeff Samardzija is in the final year of a five-year, $90 million deal. The San Francisco Giants would be happy to move off of his money, or at least get a building block for the future while paying a portion of Samardzija’s contract.

I’m recommending the latter here, as I’d be willing to bet the Giants would be more than happy to pay for a majority of the 34-year old’s contract for 2020. Last year, Jose Suarez showed flashes that he could be a contributor at the big league level. A switch to the National League could help Suarez’s development even more as he’d get the benefit of facing pitchers every start.

As for the Angels, they could certainly do worse than Jeff Samardzija, who last year posted a 3.52 ERA while making 32 starts in the Bay. I’m not advocating for the Angels to go out and make this move right now, but if they aren’t able to have the success they want in free agency then making this move would increase their 2020 ceiling substantially.

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If they really miss out in free agency, the Angels may be even to trade a lower-level prospect and pay all of Jeff Samardzija’s contract in 2020. However, with their expected big spending in free agency, giving up Jose Suarez for some financial help in this deal would be the likely outcome.