What will LA Angels owner Arte Moreno do with the parking lot of Angel Stadium?

Los Angeles Angels, (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Angels, (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

When the news broke that LA Angels owner Arte Moreno struck a deal with the city of Anaheim to buy the stadium and parking lot from the city most everyone was ecstatic. Now the big question is what Moreno will do with his new acquisition.

LA Angels owner Arte Moreno put all the rumors of the Angels leaving Anaheim to rest last week when it was announced that he bought the parking lot area around the stadium, and the stadium itself.  So what are Moreno’s options to do with his new acquisition.

The area around Angel Stadium has had a major facelift in the past 15 years and more could be coming soon.  First of all, the area on Orangewood Avenue right next to the parking lot has now been turned into luxury apartments/town homes.  The entrance into the parking lot off of Katella is also much different with apartments and restaurants being built there as well as the Grove Theater.  Now that Arte has bought the rest of the parking lot could we see more apartments/townhomes, yes possibly.

Another option is a big shopping district with restaurants and maybe an entertainment center with a movie theater or game place like Dave and Busters or a GameWorks.  Maybe even a bowling alley with extreme bowling are possibilities.  I have been to St. Louis and they have a unique area near the stadium called Ballpark Village.  They have sports-themed restaurants there and also some baseball-themed areas that show a history of Cardinals baseball.

These are just some ideas.  If the Angels and Moreno want to go this route it could be really cool.  This is not to mention the potential for a new stadium or at the very leas some major renovations.  Whatever they do there would probably need a parking garage that would accommodate the influx of traffic due to the shops and also the loss of some or all of the parking lot to the new developments.

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When will start to see some of these new developments start is still unknown.  The improvements to the stadium will probably start sooner than any development would as they are much needed.  There is still a chance that the Angels could build a new stadium on the current site, but it is not clear if this would be able to be done without tearing down the current stadium as there may not be enough space to build them side-by-side.  If that is indeed the case the Angels would have to find an alternative venue to play at while construction is being done as there is not any good options nearby.

Angels in Anaheim for next 30 years. Next

This will be an interesting storyline to follow after the deal is finalized in the next couple of weeks.  We will definitely keep an eye on this.