Angels: Four players they could trade for in 2020

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Whenever baseball returns, the Angels enter the 2020 season with an improved roster, but one that could use a little more help to reach the postseason.

After signing Anthony Rendon to a seven-year, $245 contract, you would hope the Angels are improved entering the 2020 season, and they are. Along with Rendon, the team expects Shohei Ohtani to return to the mound as a potential Ace, and newly-acquired Dylan Bundy is poised for a breakout season. The projection systems put the Angels around 83 wins over a full 162-game schedule.

Obviously, the 2020 landscape has changed dramatically over the past several weeks. Nobody knows when the season will begin, or if the season will be played at all. Rosters are currently frozen, and once transactions are allowed again, it’s unclear how teams will respond, whether a compressed schedule leads teams to believe they have a better chance at contending, and therefore, unwilling to trade key pieces, or if they will be more aggressive for the same reason.

Will there be a new trade deadline? Will exceptions be made to the waiver wire process?

Leaving all of the logistics aside, this article focuses on the players who the Angels could trade for this season, assuming the rules allow them to do so. They are a team with breathing room below the luxury tax threshold (~$17 million), which puts them in a great position to acquire talent if they need it.

And you will quickly pick up on the theme of where they need to add talent.

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