Which Angels players were drafted in the NFL?

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Dave Winfield of the Angels (Credit: Stephen Dunn/Allsport).

There are several Angels players who were also drafted in the NFL.

For the first time in weeks, sports fans will have something to watch on Thursday when the 2020 NFL Draft kicks off. If you’re looking for analysis on who should be picked where, we got you covered on our sister site, but for baseball fans, I thought it would be fun to review Angels players who were also drafted into the NFL.

The prominence of two-sports athletes isn’t what it used to be, as young players are forced to specialize sooner and sooner. The good ol’ days of playing football in the fall, baseball in the spring, and maybe a winter sport in-between, are long gone. Now it’s about starting your kids young, Tiger Woods style, and forcing them to work on every little detail of their game in one specific sport.

That said, there are still some athletes who aren’t sure which where they should specialize. You still see a few amateurs getting their reps in both football and baseball, letting their performance and draft prospects in each respective sport decide which one they ultimately continue at the professional level.

The 2020 MLB Draft is expected to be held in July, shortened from 40 rounds to as few as five this year, as the league attempts to hold the event despite the scouting season being cut short by the novel coronavirus.

We will save our thoughts on the Angels 10th overall pick for another day. With the NFL Draft in the spotlight, let’s look back at players who spent time in the Halo system, and were also drafted into the NFL.

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