LA Angels: How the Jose Iglesias trade impacts the team

Jose Iglesias (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Jose Iglesias (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images) /

It was recently reported that the Angels have acquired shortstop Jose Iglesias from the Orioles. The Angels gave up right handed pitcher Garrett Stallings and right handed pitcher Jean Pinto for the Orioles shortstop.

Jose Iglesias had a under the radar type of year in terms of production at the plate in 2020 as he slashed .373/.400/.556 with 24 RBIs and 3 home runs. He only played one season with the Baltimore Orioles as he made his name with the Detroit Tigers when he received an All-Star nod in 2015 for his first half performance. This solves the glaring hole at the shortstop position with the more than likely departure of Andrelton Simmons due to free agency. While it’s a bit of a downgrade in terms of defense as Simmons had DRS (Defensive Runs Saved) of 123 since 2015 and Iglesias had a DRS of 13 since 2015, the offensive production might be what Iglesias has over Simmons as in 2020 Simmons slashed .297/.346/.356 with 2 RBIs and 0 home runs.

Iglesias has one year left on his 2 year/$6 Million deal which comes at a bargain price consider what Simmons might be asking for in the free agent market. We’ll have to wait and see what the Angels plan on doing with him after the 2021 season, but this benefits the team as they can see what type of season he has and if it’s worth keeping him considering how low his current contract is comparing it what Simmons is looking for. Iglesias should be seen as just a temporary solution to the Angels hole at shortstop and as the team favored defense in the past with acquiring Simmons, now it seems the need has shifted to offense at that position given Iglesias’s numbers in the past.

In terms of what the Angels had to give up, Garrett Stallings ranked 21st on the Angels farm system according to MLB Pipeline and Jean Pinto is currently unranked. Stallings is the main piece in this trade as MLB Pipeline projects him as a end of the rotation starter, given the lack of prospects the Angels currently have, Stallings might not be even in the top 30 for the Orioles system. Jean Pinto is only 19 and has only pitched one season in the DSL, while there isn’t much on him in terms of numbers, the Orioles clearly saw something in him that they may want to develop him over time. The Angels seemed to have not given up a whole lot to get him which should make fans happy as neither of these players will see Major League time for a few years.

This is one of Angels new gm, Perry Minasian, first move with the team as he already addressed the need for someone between second and third base. He still has plenty to do in terms of building the team as it still needs a significant upgrade in terms of starting pitching and possibly a starting catcher to pair up with Max Stassi. There is still plenty of time within this slow progressing off-season but with the deadline to tender players already passed, every Major League club has made moves that could shift the off-season for certain teams.

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