LA Angels: Creating a 2021 mock draft to see if the Halos can find a star

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The Angels need a boost to their farm system — could it come in the 2021 draft?

It was announced later on in the summer that the 2021 draft would take place during All-Star week in July.  As of now, the Angels hold the ninth selection. Coming off a draft with only four selections last year, it’s possible they lose their second-round pick again this year if #BauerToAnahiem becomes a reality.

Because of how far we are from the draft, it’s very hard to predict the picks, but given how little the draft is talked about. This is an attempt to help Angels fans understand how it could go, and who could become the next top prospect for them.

So, here’s a look at the first nine picks of the 2021 draft and how they could unravel from the perspective of the Angels.

1st Overall: Pittsburgh Pirates

Kumar Rocker, RHP, Vanderbilt

Most people think this pick is an obvious one, but it’s far from it. Pittsburgh’s newest assistant general manager Steve Sanders, who ran the draft for Toronto prior to leaving alongside Ben Cherington, is known for being strict on the medical side. Rocker’s stress factors on a kinetic sequencing report could scare them off, but as of now, he’s the pick here. This pick likely doesn’t affect the Angels’ selection at 9 all that much as Jud Fabian, Jack Leiter, and Jordan Lawlar will all be long gone before they pick, at least as of now it appears that way.

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