LA Angels: Trevor Bauer names 4 deciding factors in free agency update

Trevor Bauer (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Trevor Bauer (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /
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Los Angeles Angels
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Bauer’s social activity off the field can change baseball for a younger generation of fans and players.

As previously mentioned, Bauer has his own YouTube channel and is one of the more active MLB players on social media. This is something the right-hander wants to continue doing throughout his playing career for fans and teammates.

"“I like having the ability to connect with fans on a personal level,” Bauer said. “I also like doing that for my teammates and finding ways to get them in front of a larger audience, giving them more opportunities for things they want to do.”"

This is something fairly new to the game of baseball, and I think it would be great if more athletes did this. If it’s not a distraction to the team or player, then it shouldn’t be an issue and should actually be embraced around the league.

There is a reason baseball is dying in its ratings, and young fans have become disinterested. Heck, there are even adults who cannot sit through a nine-inning game.

Bauer explained part of his goals in creating these types of connections through social media is with the hopes to inspire a younger generation to have an increased interest in baseball. Just this weekend the NFL televised a playoff game on Nickelodeon with the hopes of getting younger fans involved. Bauer’s connections through his media platforms could accomplish the same goal by showing fans what the life of a baseball player is like behind the scenes.

This type of expression can also help his fellow athletes not just by showing their personalities, but by getting involved with things like charities and social movements.

The Angels are in one of the biggest sports markets in the country, but outside of the LA-Anaheim area, you don’t hear much about the team nationally. The lack of attention comes even while having two of the greatest players this game has ever seen, Mike Trout and Albert Pujols.

Bringing in someone like Bauer would benefit both parties. Bauer gets to increase his business ventures, and the Angels would get more national attention, which brings in more revenue to the organization.