LA Angels: 5 former players that fit the current Halos roster

Nolan Ryan, California Angels (Photo by Robert Riger/Getty Images)
Nolan Ryan, California Angels (Photo by Robert Riger/Getty Images) /
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With less than a month before spring raining starts, the Angels roster is starting to come together. Trevor Bauer is still a free agent, so there are many fans who are restless waiting for the decision and if general manager Perry Minasian will bite on the pitcher’s contract demands.

Looking at this Angels team, it seems that there will still be a move or two (or more) before the regular season. The team still has an open spot in their rotation (a spot that they could really use an impact arm), a few in the bullpen, and potentially a need in the outfield for depth. Over the past few months, we have looked at the free-agent and trade markets and who the team may go after. Instead, what if we took a season from a former player and placed it on the roster?

For this piece, I will look at five former players from the Angels past and one specific season from their careers and add them to the roster. I am limiting it to five players, and their role has to make sense and fit well with the current roster construction. While players like Troy Glaus, Vladimir Guerrero, and Tim Salmon are all legends and their best seasons would make this team a lot better, their roles would not be as needed on the current team without trading off many pieces.

The Angels are still looking to improve their roster prior to the 2021 season, and these five alumni would help propel the team into contention.

The players chosen fit the obvious needs of the team. Two starters that would provide the much-needed help the rotation has been longing for, two relievers to strengthen a currently impressive bullpen, and one player who could fill multiple defensive roles while providing a fantastic bat in the order.