LA Angels: Mike Trout is due in series finale vs. Houston Astros

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images)
Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels (Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images) /

Editor’s Update: Mike Trout will not be playing tonight due to a rest day for the outfielder.

Hitless in his last three games, Mike Trout is due for a huge night.

Trout may be 0-9 in his last nine at-bats, but all signs point to the three-time AL MVP being due for a bounce-back outing in the series finale vs. the AL West division rival Houston Astros.

Trout doesn’t go hitless often. However, when he does, he tends to find a way to bounce back. Before this small slump Trout has found himself in, he had only gone hitless seven times this season.

Two out of the four times he went hitless in April, he went yard the next night. One of those times, he had three hits total. Another time he went hitless, he followed it up with a four-hit game.

It is true, however, that the current issue Trout is facing is a bit deeper than just going without a hit in any given game. He’s followed up a no-hit game with two more.

In the lone other time he has gone hitless in consecutive games this season, though, he had multiple hits including a triple. Not to mention he swiped a bag in that game as well.

Sure, that was just after a two-game stretch, not three outings.

However, it still goes to show that Trout knows how to bounce back, and it would be unwise to count him out in a clutch situation like he’ll be in tonight. This series matters. It’s May, but the LA Angels need to make a statement over their division foe after starting the season 2-4 against them prior to this series.

It’s not that Trout’s not seeing the ball. He’s walked four times in these last three games.

While the Astros haven’t necessarily lit up the scoreboard this series, their bats come in hot tonight after scoring four runs in their last at-bats yesterday.

The Angels’ offense will have to keep up, and I’m confident that Mike Trout will lead the charge.