LA Angels: Ohtani launching ball over ‘Monster’ will leave you speechless

As if he hasn’t let us know already, Shohei Ohtani let us know once again that he’s superhuman.

In the sixth inning, the LA Angels‘ star designated hitter smoked a tough pitch to hit over the opposite field fence at Fenway Park, the ‘Green Monster.’

A swing like that isn’t usually very powerful. Ohtani‘s built different, though.

The Big Lead’s Kyle Allester Koster seems to agree.

Brent Maguire of the Angels blog ‘Crashing the Pearly Gates,’ who also hosts the ‘Locked on Angels’ podcast, provided some metrics for the homer.

Maguire’s thinking exactly what all of us are. Hitting a ball over the Monster is tough for any Major League hitter. To “casually poke” a ball over the towering fence isn’t normal at all.

Ohtani’s home run wasn’t his lone extra base hit of the night. He hit a double in the first, that one also being an opposite-field hit.

Last game, Ohtani was out there by himself to an extent. All three of Mike Trout, Justin Upton, and David Fletcher were all out in the Angels blowout loss to the Astros.

Win or lose tonight, it’s always a pleasure watching Ohtani every night. It’s not just his versatility that makes him special.

Tonight proves yet again that he has elite strength and athletic ability that’s rare to find in this league.

This series was going to be tough from the start, but Ohtani let the Sox know from the start that it would be no walk in the park.

Ohtani isn’t just one of the most dynamic players in this series. He’s one of the most dynamic players in the world.