LA Angels: Kurt Suzuki’s resurgence solidifies a strength at catcher position

Kurt Suzuki started this season off terribly for the LA Angels.

In his first 31 games of the year, he hit .205/.276/.273, with a total of five RBI and four extra base hits (one home run). It was shocking to see, in the sense that Suzuki was once an All-Star (2014), and once a solid contributor to a World Series championship (2019).

With Max Stassi battling some injuries this year, Suzuki had to play a lot early in this season, solidifying the catcher position as one of the weaknesses on our roster. Stassi came back though, and came in hot. As they say, hitting is contagious, and Suzuki certainly caught the hitting fever as well.

Kurt Suzuki has stepped up offensively as of late, solidifying the catcher position as one of the current strengths on the LA Angels roster.

Kurt Suzuki obviously won’t be starting for the LA Angels, but that doesn’t take away what he’s been doing for the squad offensively lately.

Suzuki is 7 for 17 in his last six games. In that stretch, he’s been getting on-base over 50 percent of the time (.524 on-base percentage). His OPS is 1.171, as his slugging percentage is .647 in those six contests.

He still isn’t hitting for a ton of power, only hitting one home run and one double, but considering that actually matched his home run total for the previous 31 games, we’ll take it.

The Angels were absolutely dreadful when it came to the guys behind the plate and their production for the first couple months of the season, with Stassi hurt. Things have changed with Stassi back in the picture, however, and it looks like Suzuki still wants to get some playing time as well.

He’s certainly hitting like it, and it’s important. Joe Maddon likes when Suzuki catches Shohei Ohtani. If we make the postseason, those games where Ohtani is going to pitch are going to be crucial.

Suzuki still needs to be an important piece on this team, and he seems to understand that very well.