LA Angels: Joe Maddon needs to show more faith in Jose Suarez

Jose Suarez, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports
Jose Suarez, LA Angels. Mandatory Credit: D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports /

Joe Maddon wasn’t the only reason the LA Angels lost on Tuesday, but his lack of faith in Jose Suarez was costly.

After five and two-thirds innings from Suarez, Maddon decided to yank him with runners on the corners for Mike Mayers.

Suarez looked good on Tuesday, and the move appeared to be questionable. Sure enough, those two runners ended up scoring after Mayers had a shaky outing. The truth is, he should have never even been put into that position.

Joe Maddon should have left Jose Suarez in the game for the LA Angels.

Jose Suarez was only at 73 pitches for the LA Angels when Joe Maddon yanked him. Why take him out?

He was throwing the ball well, and the A’s had only scored one run that inning. That run was through a sacrifice fly, and so while the previous batter did drive in an RBI, Suarez also was able to record an out. There’s no reason to take him out when he’s only at 73 pitches and has only walked one batter all day.

Think about Mayers in that situation. I know there were two outs, but it’s still not easy to come in and pitch with runners on the corners.

Suarez’s stuff was straight filth on Tuesday, and was undoubtedly passing the eye test with an A.

Why take him out when he’s showing so much promise? He was looking like bullpen Suarez, but as a starter this time. That’s a scary pitcher.

Suarez pulled out all the tricks in his start, so I wouldn’t worry about what his final line says.

That final stat line straight up lies to us. It claims he gave up four earned runs in 5.2 IP. Yeah, I think it means to say that Maddon gave up those last two.

Suarez pitched a great game, and the numbers don’t reflect his actual performance. He threw 49 strikes in his 73 pitches.

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Only giving up three hits, Suarez showed what he’s capable of, and it’s not his fault his manager made the mistake of not trusting the young lefty.