LA Angels: Halos tip their agenda after inking first round pick for dirt cheap

Los Angeles Angels (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Angels (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images) /

The LA Angels signed their first round pick (No. 9 overall) in 2021 to his first contract.

That part wasn’t surprising, but it was incredibly surprising as to how much they signed Sam Bachman for.

Bachman signed for $3,847,500, which is a total steal for the Angels.

The LA Angels are clearly saving money for something greater.

The LA Angels got away with signing Bachman for $3,847,500 when the typical value for a number nine overall pick is $4,949,100.

The Angels must be serious about the 20 pitchers that they took in the MLB draft earlier this month. They took an arm with each of their 20 picks this year.

After signing Bachman for such savings, they must be confident that they can strike deals with each of these guys.

Either that, or they’re planning to have to spend money at the deadline. After all, the Angels very well could end up buying at the end of this month.

Either way, it’s always good to save in situations like these.

This is especially the case when Bachman wasn’t supposed to be the pick at nine.

Either way, the Angels are clearly confident in their draft if they signed him for cheap to sure up their other draft picks.

That’s good news, because this strategy absolutely has to pay off if they’re going to finally improve the pitching staff.

After all, they do have several key free agents to sign after this year, including other current pitchers such as Alex Cobb and Raisel Iglesias.

Therefore, even if they’re just trying to save money to prepare for the upcoming offseason, that just means they’ll have more money to afford their better arms.

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The Halos are truly making a conscious effort to improve their pitching staff, and that’s something we should absolutely be excited about.